“Chicago Fire” recap (2.10): “I’ll nail you”

Casey is surprised to learn about Dawson’s dream of fighting fires. He asks, “What about med school?” Which is a fair question. Dawson is still agitated from ripping Herrmann a new one but Casey can’t read the signs. When she asks for his honest opinion he gives it to her. He really needs lessons from Shay on how to talk to women (and based on her track record with the ladies, that’s basically the screwed-up leading the blind). Before he can dig himself out of the hole, Dawson gets called out. Processus interruptus.

CF 2107

The call is to a weird warehouse-type building. The elevator opens to reveal a man and a woman standing in their birthday suits. Dawson asks if they would mind putting some clothes on but these two aren’t ashamed of their bodies. The couple spends the elevator ride checking out Shay and Dawson (who can blame them, really?). Their apartment reveals the injured guy who is trussed up like a turkey and hanging from the ceiling in some sort of cargo net. My Mama always said calls are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

CF 2108

Dawson says, “Well this is weird. What are the odds that they would have just the set-up I do?” They have to make do to get him down and that includes getting ugly, naked guy to help hold up the victim. Back at the house, Dawson is a little down about the fact that she couldn’t lift the guy without help but Shay tells her that it was quick thinking to borrow the brawn from the nudist. She puts her arm around Dawson and tell her she’ll make a great firefighter. Casey, you better be taking notes or someone’s going to take your girl.

CF 2109

Cruz finds Otis in the hallway and proposes to him. Well, he proposes that they move in together. He says they’ll be Crotis. Not for nothing guys, but Crotis sounds like something you get during spring break in Daytona. Regardless, these two are U-hauling. Outside, Mills brings Nathan a cup of cocoa and Nathan asks if politicians are the ones who decide which houses get closed. Listen to Robyn, Mills and call your girlfriend. Antonio walks in and says McLeod is clean, not even a parking ticket. He’d also like to have a word with Clarke and Severide. When Antonio asks about Hayes, Clarke admits he screamed at Hayes and threatened to kill him. The problem is that Hayes is dead. Whoops.

Clarke tells the Chief he didn’t kill Hayes right before McLeod shows up looking like the ghost of Christmas future. McLeod tells the Chief that inspectors will come to ensure that no one takes any souvenirs at the end of the shift. Casey asks if she means 200 grand in souvenirs. For the first time she looks nervous when she stalks off, leaving a trail of smoke and flying monkeys in her wake.

Otis calls everyone out to see the parade of people who have come to the Bailey’s house to give whatever they can to save the Building and Loan. The firefighters are speechless. Boden looks like he might cry, and old man Potter looks like someone stole her puppy. Boden’s secretary runs out and tells Boden and McLeod that they are being summoned to the principal’s office. And what to our wondering eyes should appear, but Senator Wheeler, Mills, and Isabella. McLeod defaults to sucking up mode only to be shut down by Wheeler. He’s gotten over a thousand calls about saving the firehouse and it’s going to look good on his political resume. McLeod balks. Laying a finger aside of his nose, with a wink to Boden, out the side door Wheeler goes. McLeod can’t believe it so Isabella breaks it down for her. She’s either going to sign the agreement or spend the rest of her life working as the Grinch in the local icecapades. See that, Chief? Bitches get shit done.

CF 21010

Back at 51 Herrmann leads the cheer. Boden tries to give Mills the credit but he deflects it back at the house. Shay figures this is the moment to share with everyone that Dawson is going to the fire academy. The announcement is met by silence until Mouch tells her she’ll make a great firefighter and then everyone realizes they should clap, too. Casey asks “what happened to listening to me and doing everything I say?” Dawson tells him to get on board and get the hell out of the way. This couples squabble is interrupted by another call. How are we supposed to get any processing done if people keep starting fires?

The call is to an apartment fire and it’s a doozy. The crew races to get people out. The Chief tells everyone it’s time to leave because it’s too dangerous. As Casey and Herrmann head out a woman crawls out and says he baby is still in its room. Casey sends Herrmann out with the woman because he’s got a family and rushed to get the baby. He tucks the baby in his coat and runs out. Before he gets to the door a beam falls on top of him and knocks him to the floor. The crew rushes in to save him. He stumbles out into the night, hands over the baby and then collapses.

CF 21011

Dawson frantically tends to his bleeding head and yells at him to hold on as they rush him to the hospital. The crew sits and waits for word on Casey and the baby. Mills looks around at his fellow firefighters and, because he’s Mr. Look-at-me, he announces that he’ll always be a firefighter. Shay bounces in and says the baby is going to be fine. Antonio comes in and give Gaby a hug. He motions to Clarke and they chat about Clarke’s gun collection. Seems like the gun that killed Hayes matches the type Clarke has sitting around his house. Bye, Clarke. Enjoy your time in the pokey. Hopefully it’s as cushy as Heather Darden’s accommodations.

CF 21012

Dr. HIPAA comes out to say that Casey needs surgery to relieve pressure from his subdural hematoma. Dawson runs off and stares through the window to the operating room as you are allowed to do in every major medical center.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your cliffhanger until the show returns in January. Happy New Year, everyone. I’ll see you back here in a few weeks.

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