“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.24): “It didn’t take.”

The rest of the episode is a montage interspersed with Herrmann making a video with the new baby. First we get a glimpse of what all that construction was near Molly’s. It’s a giant sports bar. Molly’s will be toast in no time. Mills walks into the police academy and asks for an application. God, he’s a big baby. If Emily Fields moved every time a girlfriend got killed — no wait. That’s actually a good idea. And take Paige with you. Mouch is waiting with a bouquet of roses for Mari to show up. It’s kind of adorable. Dawson shows up at Casey’s door where there are newspapers piled up and the door is unlocked. She finds him inside his messy apartment sitting at his table. He’s lost, trying to hold it together for work but he’s a mess. She hugs him and they cling together, both crying.

Finally, Shay and Severide are walking down the sidewalk. It’s nearly identical to the time they walked together when Severide asked “bar or strip club.” It must be their thing, when something is broken to throw their arms around each other, hold themselves up, and put a smile over the mess.

But this time, when they get close to the door, there’s someone waiting. It’s Renee, and as much as I wish I could say she’s there to get a personal lesson in nerve endings from Shay, she’s there for Severide. She’s there and she’s brought company. She reveals her pregnant belly and Shay just breaks off behind Severide, like seeing Renee pregnant with Severide’s kid just cut her loose from her mooring and she’s drifting. Severide is bewildered as he puts his arms around Renee and Shay tries her best to smile.

I forgot how Sad Shay feels like a kick in the teeth. What more could we ask for, Shay’s not pregnant and Carmen is back, baby!

So, what did you think of the finale?

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