“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.24): “It didn’t take.”

Casey talks the deranged inmate into moving to a less smoky room and offers himself in exchange for Herrmann. No dice. Mr. Shiv wants Lucci and only Lucci and offers to kill Herrmann if he doesn’t get to kill Lucci.

While they are loading the flirty McShiv into the ambulance Dawson tells Mills that she can’t lie and tell him she doesn’t have feelings for Casey. Mills looks sad and so does Dawson and then off they go to the hospital. It’s impossible to process feelings like this. Thank goodness there is room in their turnout gear for a journal. When they reach the hospital, Shay asks about Cindy Herrmann.

Severide reaches the electrician who is locked in the basement but his rod is burnt out (seriously) so they have the guy talk Otis and Mouch through how to turn the power back on. Watching Otis and Mouch run around trying to fix it, complete with writing the instructions on their hand, is a little reminiscent of the guy from Ocean’s Eleven who hacks the security camera and then gets so sweaty he can’t follow the directions to get out.

The Chief holds the phone up to the radio to allow Shay to tell Herrmann that Cindy had a c-section and they had a boy. While the bad guys are distracted and waving a knife around Herrmann bashes the guy in the face and is able to escape. The firefighters retreat with Lucci to a side office and try to hold the door closed. Severide finds the ducts and is able to open the damper just as Otis and Mouch get the power back up so the fans can blow the smoke out, which disables the inmates. In the midst of the smoke, Casey convinces the inmates to let the firefighters out if they leave Lucci behind. They all walk out with Lucci disguised as a firefighter.

They pop Herrmann in a Sheriff’s car and send him to the hospital. The baby isn’t getting enough oxygen and Herrmann struggles to keep composed in the car. He bombs into Cindy’s room but doesn’t see the baby. He starts to break down with his back to his wife. When she calls his name he sucks the tears back in and gives her a hug (a little rough for a lady who just got sliced and diced). While they hug the baby cries and Herrmann dissolves again at the sight of his son. He swaggers out into the waiting room with the baby and everyone admires the little guy. Shay pulls a tight smile but announces that the kid is the cutest she’s ever seen.

The Chief steps aside to field a phone call and then pulls Mills over to tell him that he hasn’t been chosen for Squad this time around but that he should keep taking classes and keep trying and not to brood or lose focus based on this setback. Mills ask if that’s all the Chief has to say. They stare each other down before the Chief asks Mills if he has anything he wants to say. Mills says no and storms off down the hallway.

Herrmann heads back to his room and asks Shay and Severide to come with him. They walk into the shit show of four kids running around and beating each other up. He and Cindy ask the knuckleheads to be the baby’s godparents. Shay and Severide are both honored and they exchange sappy looks over the top of the baby as they surely imagine their own spawn.

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