“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.24): “It didn’t take.”


Mr. Shivved but looking to mingle reaches out for Dawson and Mills threatens the guy. The guy loses consciousness and Dawson springs into action. She can’t intubate the guy so she improvises in true Dawson fashion. Just to be sure that she’s voted most badass of all, she MacGuyver’s together a light to determine whether her maneuver was successful and Mills, like any good lesbian, is turned on by Dawson’s manual dexterity and ingenuity.

Meanwhile Severide’s cutting through doors and Herrmann wants an update on his wife. To add insult to injury, Boden asks Shay to call the hospital. Shay finds out that Cindy needs an emergency c-section but Boden decides not to tell Herrmann the news.

The firefighters follow Officer “Don’t Call Me Susan” Lucci to a cell block where the prisoners are not in their cells. They discover a dead officer and more hell breaks out when Lucci starts bashing inmates and one of them grabs Herrmann as a hostage.

The crack team of Otis and Mouch has been sent to fix the electricity in the joint. Severide gets through one door only to find another. Meanwhile, Dawson and Mills are talking about how Dawson messed up. She asks if they can start over, hoping that they are just bent but not broken and that they can learn to love again. He’s like, “sure thing lady just tell me I’m the Lavender Brown of this story and you aren’t in love with Casey.” Guys, Monica Raymund in addition to being extensively easy on the eyes, can act. Her face shows us everything Dawson is feeling when Mills tells her the price of a clean slate is her ability to tell him that she doesn’t feel anything for Casey. I make a lot of cracks about the stories on this show but some of the acting is so good, it’s the picture of subtlety when there is much too much big loud emotion, the actors on this show regularly deliver small, quiet, powerful moments. Anyway this moment is interrupted by Severide is his giant flaming rod (seriously). Mills just has that effect on him.

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