“Chicago Fire” recap (1.23) “What an idiot”


Casey is sitting in his office, feeling like his girlfriend just got murdered, when Severide walks in and offers him a cigar. Nothing helps with feelings about death like a cancer sticks so they head out to smoke. Casey talks about telling Hallie’s family and Severide tells him he’s sorry and that the only thing that helped when Darden died (remember Darden?) was doing normal stuff until he felt normal again. He offers to hit golf balls or tempt cancer with Casey anytime he needs it.

Boden calls Casey in and Antonio and Wilhite are hanging out and they’ve got a plan. Casey is going to go tell the clinic director that he found the whole scam spelled out on Hallie’s computer. Boden is concerned for Casey’s safety but Casey’s feeling like death is surely not the worst of evils and says he’s in. Casey asks to see the director but the receptionist says he’s busy. Casey starts to sit down and shots ring out. Casey chases the creepy bald guy from the clinic and despite being “right outside” the cops are freaking useless. Casey chases the guy right out the back door where Boy Scout and Officer Sermons are not waiting (where exactly did they park?). Off they go to the races. They end up on the L platform because someone who works for the show saw that Spiderman movie with the L chase. Casey chases the bad guy and Antonio chases both of them while Voight races through traffic underneath. Casey ends up on the platform with a gun to his head. Voight walks onto the platform and the bad guy starts to tell Voight to explain and Voight shoots the guy in the head. Antonio knows something’ off but simply tells Voight “nice shot.” Sermons asks Casey how he’s doing and he says he’s fine. Well, fine enough for a guy with a dead girlfriend and some bad guy’s blood on his face.

Shay is freaking out about a thousand things and instead of working them out she and Severide decide to go to Molly’s. Over at Molly’s cousin shows up with the monkey which is, in fact, Lord Stanley’s Cup. Otis’s Russian is not exactly spot on and Zoya found some way to get the greatest trophy in sports to the bar. Herrmann, Mouch, and Cruz look at the Cup like the Liars look into the depths of Wilden’s trunk on the PLL finale. Props for everyone on the show knowing you only get to touch it if you win it and keeping their grubby mitts off of it.

Voight is meeting with someone in a creepy parking deck but here’s the twist, he’s only pretending to be dirty. Severus Snape! He hands over the cash and is told to keep pretending to be dirty so they can see how many people they can catch.

Casey walk into the bar and everyone hugs him. He takes a moment with Hallie’s picture before walking to the center of the room. He spots the Stanley Cup and asks if it’s real. Someone hands him a beer and he makes a toast to Hallie. He says that one of their first dates was a Blackhawks game and that he knew he had a keeper when Hallie knew what icing was (not to be a jerk but any moron can understand icing. If she could explain the offsides rules then you’ve got a keeper). Everyone raises a glass and drink to Hallie.

Only one episode left this season.  What did you think of this episode of Chicago PD (with a side of Fire)?

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