“Chicago Fire” recap (1.23) “What an idiot”

Shay and Dawson arrive and it’s a woman with a gunshot to the stomach. She dies on the scene and turns out she’s the nurse from the clinic. Voight, Antonio, and Wilhite arrive on scene and Voight says he wants the clinic director in the hot seat.  Antonio tries to tell Voight that he can’t just do whatever he wants like he used to and Voight says “watch me.” Antonio claims he’s got Voight under control but awesome blond cop is like “oh sure, that’s what it looks like.” Shay, stop monkeying around with Severide and come meet lady cop. You’ll like her.

Shay and Severide are fielding calls today from the nicest doctor’s office I’ve ever seen. This might be the reason they are charging fifty bajillion dollars to get pregnant Shay. Shay’s flipping out because their apartment is a death trap. Severide is right, for once, and notes that they have a minute or two to baby proof the place. She mentions a locked liquor cabinet and that might be a good idea to install that now so boy wonder doesn’t do anything else stupid. Severide rubs her belly for good luck and off Shay goes. Girl, I hope you have said goodbye to your blond hair because you’ve had your last dye job for 10 months.

At Molly’s they are hanging a Blackhawks banner because Herrmann is smart enough to know that you can’t alienate half the city by choosing Cubs or White Sox. Dawson is giving Otis shit about his cousin who can’t speak English and who thinks monkeys are appropriate for the bar. Dawson gets a text and she goes off to meet Mills. He tells her that he’s still mad that Boden slept with him mom and that Dawson didn’t tell him about it. Then, inexplicably, the moron breaks up with Dawson.  Mills, Dawson did not screw your mom. You get that, right?  He blabbers about needing space and still loving her. Buddy you’re an idiot. We can only hope that Dawson is thinking “you know who would be nice to see right about now, my old friend Kalinda.” Cripes guys.  You make it impossible to root for you. So impossible I am wishing for Dawson to morph back into the skeevy character she played on The Good Wife just so she’ll flirt with someone in her league. Guys, you are not worthy. Go watch Dr. Phil or something and work on your BS.

The desk sergeant is giving Voight crap for being lucky. Antonio and Giddish walk in and say that the prints from the car are from a dealer named C.J. Voight says he’ll be the one to pick him up. Instead of finding C.J. Voight finds C.J.’s uncle Maurice. Turns out C.J was dealing drugs from the clinic and working with some crazy white dude. But bad white guy knows all about Voight and his dealings with Uncle Maurice. C.J. is long gone but before Voight leaves he’s given five grand as a welcome back present.  Antonio watches the whole thing from his car.

Dawson and Shay are doing laundry and talking about where junior is going to go to college. While Shay talks college funds Dawson gets weepy. She tells Shay that Mills broke up with her and Shay, the voice of every person watching, says “what an idiot” and then gives Dawson a hug. Ladies, try sticking together a little more. Maybe see where the hug leads.  

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