“Chicago Fire” recap (1.23) “What an idiot”

Shay comes running up to Severide and suggests that maybe since they both work in highly hazardous jobs maybe having a baby together isn’t the best plan. Just kidding. She suggests that they should have someone lined up to take care of the little sucker if either one dies. Mr. I Haven’t Planned Ahead Once This Season think it’s a good plan and then skips off with Boden to the scene of the fire. Severide comes running back and tells her that he’ll be there tomorrow when it’s time to make a baby and he looks pretty darn cute a he wags his tail. But then he says “squirrel” and off he runs.

The bar consortium is sitting around a table and Dawson has convinced a store to donate sunglasses for them to raffle off at the opening. Otis says his cousin Zoya can go pick them up. Herrmann has no idea what he’s talking about but apparently he may have agreed to hire Otis’ cousin to work at the bar.  Dawson doesn’t know anything about it but couldn’t care less because Grumplestiltskin walks by and Dawson makes eyes at him that say “sorry I was the one to tell you that Boden boned your mom, forgive me?” Mr. Grumpus walks away cementing his status a the biggest dumbass around. You out punted your coverage Mills, you’re going to need to grow a pair if you want to keep her.

The Chief, Severide, Casey, Lil Giddish, Antonio, and Voight are at the clinic checking out the arson.  The clinic director has another clinic elsewhere in the city.  Turns out the fire started in the patient records filing cabinet. Casey remembers that right before he and Hallie went to lunch she said something about a file being weird. The firefighters are called out and Boden says he’ll cover for Casey.  He and Severide show up and a truck driver says he heard screaming from inside a manhole.  Sure enough a lady is stuck in the water and Severide and Boden go in to rescue her. They get her out with the help of the rest of the squad.

Antonio and Baby Giddish are in the office of the clinic director. He denies that the place is a “pill mill” and eventually gives Dawson the name of a drug dealer who got pissed when the clinic reported his girlfriend’s broken jaw to the police.

Back at the station Herrmann’s watching NASCAR when Otis arrives with his cousin whose English skills match my Russian skills. Nothing like a bartender who doesn’t know what you’re ordering. Herrmann and Dawson are peeved until Otis says Zoya is going to bring a monkey to the opening. What? Dawson asks if Otis remembers the lady from Oprah who got her face chewed off by a monkey. Otis says he does but if it looks dangerous they’ll leave it in the car. Dawson’s face says everything you need to know.

Voight won’t tell Casey the name of the drug dealer they can’t seem to find and asks if there was anyone Hallie felt uncomfortable around. Casey says that the only person she felt scared of was Voight.  Voight tells Casey that he’s sympathetic but that he’s only letting Casey hang around as a courtesy.  It’s a nice gesture for a guy who got pinched trying to put a hit out on Casey. Casey gets pissed and points (so we know he’s mad) and tells Voight to find out who killed his girl. Antonio escorts Casey out of the room and tells him to go back to the fire house to cool off.  Casey stomps and say he’s not leaving but Antonio wins this round and Casey stomps down the stairs.

Shay and Severide are playing “what happens when one of us finally dies from one of these near death experiences” with a surprising amount of mirth. They agree that Dawson should get the baby because, duh. Oh Shay, we know what you’re really saying is that you and Dawson should be raising this kid together. Too bad you need Severide’s junk for this. Shay feels bad that Casey just lost his girlfriend and she’s getting ready to get pregnant. It’s not too late, Shay. You don’t have to do this. There are still so many pretty ladies for you to have sex with before you have a kid. Before Shayveride can process, Shay’s called out to a gunshot victim.

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