“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.22): “Goodbye to You.”

Casey recognizes the address immediately and tries to get inside as fast as possible when he realizes that Hallie’s car is still there. They pull several people out and have to break into the med cage where Hallie trapped and lying unconscious on the floor. Casey and Severide finally get her out and Dawson and Casey work on her in the back of the rig while Shay drives. Casey is desperate and Dawson is pained by his pleading with Hallie to be all right. The entire house waits. Casey paces as if his motion is going to help Hallie. Everyone else fidgets and does everything but look at him squarely. They avoid looking at him so they may avoid thinking about what is happening in a trauma room down the hall and the implications for him and for all of them of the outcome.

Casey walks alone down a hallways until he reaches the doctor. The doctor reaches out and grabs Casey’s shoulder and Casey collapses, the black of his turnouts a stark contrast to the white of the doctor’s coat. Everyone watches from the doorway until Mills pushes through the crowd and walks to Casey. Mills envelopes Casey with a hug and Casey leans on Mills as the others weep as they see Mills holding Casey up. The camera blurs as if it too is watching the scene through tears. Maybe it’s the blurry shot but I swear I saw Calzona walk out another door and say, “we told you bastards, you don’t get happy on TV for long, they’ll cut you down.”

This was, I thought, one of the best episodes so far. What did you think?

Next week, Casey goes vigilante as he tries to strike back at the person who killed Hallie. Remember that creepy guy casing the clinic, he’ll be back and battling Casey on a train. All that’s missing is Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

Here are some of your #ShaycagoFire tweets from last night’s episode.

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