“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.22): “Goodbye to You.”

Moving on to a much happier story. The lady is back and she has her kid. Her daughter is twelve and Herrmann and the rest of the guys make sure she gets pictures on the truck with all the people and her parents. Herrmann talks with the mom since it’s the Charlotte’s birthday he says maybe we can make this a little better than a few pictures. He goes up and asks the Chief to come out. Boden grumbles about his paperwork but comes anyway. He puts on a happy face and wishes the girl happy birthday and then the magic starts. She asks him if he remembers her. For a moment he has the “oh shit” face of a man who is scouring his memory for a sexual partner who looks like the girl. He says no and she tells him that twelve years ago she was left on the doorstep of the station and Herrmann told her that Boden was the one who found her.

As I said before, Eamonn Walker shines in these quiet moments. A lot of actors can cry, many can cry in a way that makes your heart seize and, if you are that sort, make your own eyes pour out tears. They do this in ways that are big and dramatic or small, quiet, and subtle. When Boden realizes that this is the girl he wondered about for twelve years there is a swirl of joy and relief before his face tenses as if by remaining entirely still his tears won’t well in his eyes or spill down his cheeks. Maybe, if he can just hold all the muscles tight they won’t betray the deluge of emotion rushing from his chest. It’s marvelous to watch.

This little girl, who always knew the truth about where she came from and how she came to live with her parents, is the catalyst for truth spreading through the fire house. Otis confronts Mouch with his undies that are a Japanese brand. Turns out Mouch has been watching Japanese TV, and studying Japanese because he’s gotten himself an internet girlfriend who sent him the man panties. Severide and the Chief have a nice moment about how the Chief was always looking out for him and never doubted Severide in the Tara situation for one second. Dawson tells Mills about his mom sleeping with Boden and Mills is pissed. He gets mad at Dawson for holding the secret from him because, yeah dillhole, it’s totally her fault Boden banged your mom. Before they can process their feelings and whether Dawson needs s second refund from UHaul they get called out to a fire at Hallie’s clinic.

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