“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.22): “Goodbye to You.”


Casey arrives at the neighborhood clinic where Hallie is working with lunch. He mentions that she always brought him lunch at the station and it’s the first time for me that his boy scout nature seemed sweet and not like he was trying too hard to be the teacher’s pet. She walks back into the clinic and shows him around. When she goes to check on something a bald guy with a dark goatee walks in, looks around and leaves. They go back outside to eat. They sit on the hood of her car and she says that when she was away at resident camp in South America she realized the things she actually liked about medicine and a few other things she wanted to reclaim for her life. You can almost see Shonda sitting in the tree above them as they eat, rubbing her hands together and cackling softly.

It’s dinner time and Ron can’t find Scabbers, Crookshanks looks awfully guilty in the corner, the twins are setting off fireworks, Ginny and Harry are snogging in the stairwell and Herrmann and the Chief make their way to the kitchen to wash the dishes and have a beer. Boden is worried that he’s losing Severide’s respect and Herrmann reminds Boden that “leaders lead from the front.” Boden mumbles something about how he knows he’s always saying bullshit like that but he never realized how annoying it is to hear until that moment.

“This scene is brought to you by the makers of birth control.”

Otis is standing mesmerized by the man panties. Mouch tells him it’s a safe place and that he can admit that they are his (in spite of the fact that you could fit about twelve Otises in those suckers). Otis says he’s sick of looking at them so he claims them. They are called out to another accident. This time it’s two cars, one of which is carrying a couple of co-workers who have been having some afternoon delight. The hurt woman is more concerned that her husband is going to find out than with her safety, the safety of her work buddy, or the dead guy in the other car. Nice, lady.

Severide is now scaling the summit of Mount Idiot and he is confronting Tara in the cafeteria and he’s brought a buddy, Pete Campbell. Again, take a moment to imagine this scene if she’s telling the truth and she’s confronted at work by two men who assaulted her. Anyway, Severide convinces her to drop the charges, resign her job and recant what she claims Pete Campbell did. Mostly, I am glad this storyline is done because sure Tara is a big fat liar who lied about not one, but two men sexually assaulting her. She’s a terrible person. But the irony of this show coming right after and being produced by the same company that does Law & Order: SVU is not lost on me. You don’t have to be Olivia Benson to know sexual assault is a real problem. Underreporting of sexual assault is a real problem. Perpetuating the idea that women lie about being sexually assaulted and playing up the ways that they might be smeared or bullied or stalked isn’t going to help the problem. So good riddance Tara and this crappy storyline.

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