“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.22): “Goodbye to You.”

You know how on The West Wing there thing was having people talk while they were walking down the halls? This show has all heart-to-hearts happening in the bathroom. I half expected Aria or Spencer to pop out in the middle of the Chief ripping Severide for confronting Tara in a parking lot. Severide bristles and accuses the Chief of being on Tara’s side. Severide, you moron, you know what Martha Stewart went to prison? It wasn’t insider trading, it was lying about it. Even if they don’t get you for sexual assault all this intimidation is illegal, too. The Chief tells him that if he contacts Tara or goes within 100 feet of her the Chief will take away Severide’s favorite toy, his squad.

On the way back from the hospital Shawson finish their processing session and Dawson realizes she loves Mills even if she’s not sure what to do about the Boden banged your mom problem. They park in the garage but before they can have a Coke and a smile they are called out again, this time to a guy who was struck by lightning because that’s one of the three things we haven’t seen on this show.

Herrmann and Boden are leaving after the shift and Herrmann asks what’s wrong with the Chief. The Chief waves him off and says it’s just a rough shift. Herrmann invites Boden to have dinner in the Burrow with the entire Weasley family and who can pass that up? Mills trots up and asks Boden to give him a few extra shifts because his Squad classes are expensive. After he bounds away, the Chief sees Severide and Shay getting ready to leave.

Severide tells Shay that CFD told him to back off and she tells him that’s stupid and that they should do a little digging into Tara’s background. She says it’s time they went on the offensive. I am getting sick of ragging on the show for this storyline but please, is there a worse way to encourage anyone who has been assaulted to consider coming forward than this story line? Come forward if you want people digging into your past, confronting you in your daily life in a way that puts your safety into question, and calling you a liar.

Mills is waiting on the waterfront when Dawson shows up with pretzels, declarations of love, and questions about how to UHaul. Bitch, please, don’t try to play dumb now when we all know you and Shay got the deluxe package a few months back.

Severide is keeping up the appearance of the creepiest creeper than ever did creep by meeting Antonio so they can discuss the case and how Severide is going to be facing criminal charges. Antonio tells Severide about another case in which Tara claimed that someone she worked with sexually assaulted her. The charges were dropped but it’s enough for Severide to go hunt the guy down. The guy used to be an executive at a fancy ad agency, but sadly he looks neither like Don Draper or Joan Holloway. He had a relationship with Tara, who was a graphic designer, but when they was a rumor about downsizing she claimed their relationship was not consensual and that he created a hostile work environment. She got a big settlement, he got fired and blacklisted, and had to sign a nondisclosure agreement so she’d drop the criminal charges. Severide asks for Pete Campbell’s help. Honestly, I think this guy’s creepy looking and was probably voted “Most Likely to be a Sex Offender” by his senior class.

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