“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.22): “Goodbye to You.”

Hallie drops Casey off at the station and they program their pants to self destruct at the end of their work days. Mills and Dawson witness their good-bye and Dawson says she’s happy for them. Mills doesn’t buy it because he’s got eyes and the way Dawson looks at Casey would make me worry if I were Mills. Mills grabs Dawson’s hand and they stroll down the sidewalk. He looks a bit like he should be her kid brother in his varsity style jacket and bag over his shoulder. He shows his age and awkwardness some more by flubbing asking her to move in and then doubling down by telling her he loves her. Before she can pick her jaw up off the floor he starts punishing himself like a house elf for how stupid he was an how badly that came out. Dawson agrees that it was terrible and we’re all happy when Mills gets called over to go play cornhole with Herrmann.

Dawson hurries to the ambulance because “OMG Shay, you will not believe what Mills just said!” But before they can put on their lesbian processing snuggies and crack a beer they are called out to a ripped from the headlines, then put on ice for a decade, porch collapse. Eammon Walker is exquisite in this episode and it starts here with his face registering a cascade of emotions from shock, to pain, to anguished helplessness, to defeat as the woman screams “you did nothing!” What would take me several sentences to describe he manages to portray with his face in the space of two seconds.

A woman named Valerie has a spike sticking through her shoulder and she looks like a cross between Heath Ledger in A Knight’s Tale and a staked extra from Buffy. They get her in the ambulance where she crashes before they reach the hospital. Hallie, who is working her one shift of the month, jumps into the back of the rig and she and Dawson manage to get Valerie’s heart going again. Not to be insensitive, but if I’m lying there surrounded by Hallie and Dawson playing doctor I would have no trouble getting my pulse rate up. As Hallie wheels the woman into trauma, Shay just stares and says “wow.” Oh, silly Shay, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Back at the station Mouch and Pouch are watching Japanese television, Herrmann is trying to find new and inventive ways to scare the crap out of kids. Cruz shows up with a bright red pair of man panties that were in with his laundry. They clown on the person who owns them and they get pinned to a board until someone claim them. For a house that just had a seminar on sexual harassment, this seems like it might not be the best idea. Anyway, remember when Callie took one for Meredith and claimed the panties off the bulletin board? Yeah, those were sexier.

Herrmann is in the garage when a woman walks in and asks him if they allow kids to take pictures with the trucks. Herrmann who has almost as many kids as home as the woman who lived in a shoe says “of course” and asks where the kids are. The woman get a bit nervous and says she’s asking for another time before she leaves.

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