“Chicago Fire” recap (1.21): “Keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty”


Herrmann, Otis, and Dawson are at Molly’s getting ready for the opening. Dawson makes a speech about how much she loves the guys and tells them that they are her brothers. Guys, her brother did a favor for a dirty cop after getting a belly full of lead, so you might want to decline her offers to be family. Meanwhile, Mills and Severide are engaged in a homoerotic boxing match. No really, they are wearing tanktops, in a lit boxing ring, slugging it out, until Severide is just too spent and rests bent over the ropes gasping for air. I’m not making this up. Man the guys in Squad are going to be so jealous of Mills now.

At the bar opening Shay says she’s going to kick Tara’s ass if she comes across her, Dawson says she thinks Casey and Hallie look good together, and Voight walks into the room and all we hear is a record scratch and some old guy go “did he say finger painting?”  Voight buys the next round by peeling a couple bills off a huge wad of cash.  He tries to say something about all working together and how they should sing kumbaya and forget about that time when he tried to have Casey murdered.  Antonio tells Dawson that Voight got promoted and will now be running the intelligence unit and will be Antonio’s boss.  Voight slithers over to Hallie and Casey and says he wants to apologize for that time he tried to have Casey killed.  Herrmann reaches over the bar and holds a liquor bottle in his hand, you know, just in case.  Casey refuses to take Voight’s hand and instead takes a slug of his beer and walks off.

Here are a few of our favorite #ShaycagoFire tweets from last night’s episode

Thanks for tweeting along, I’ll see you guys back next week. In the meantime, let’s chat about your favorite parts of the episode.

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