“Chicago Fire” recap (1.21): “Keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty”

Severide is digging in the pockets of his dress uniform for change when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a dirty cop and smug smile ear to ear. Voight tells Severide that the squeakiest wheel always wins and then chitchats about Benny Severide being Kelly’s dad giving the impression that Voight knows all there is to know about Benny. He tells Severide they’ll be seeing each other around because he just got reinstated. I mean really, who can stay mad at this guy for trying to hire a hit man?

Dawson, Casey, Severide, and Mills (aka the braintrust) are hanging out in the hallway chatting about Voight when intern Niki’s dad, who is also a fire chief, walks in. The dad gives a smirk to Severide before joining the Chief in his office. He’s there to give the Chief a heads up about what he is going to tell the hearing committee about how Severide ruined his daughter’s life. After their affair she broke off her engagement and fled to Europe. Jeez Kelly, ladies leave you for the continent, eh? The Chief vouches for Kelly and asks this guy not to be harsh the the hearing panel. The dad won’t back down so the Chief ends their friendship. People sure are ready to go to the wall for Severide. Thank goodness in the real world there has never been a case of a community rallying around an alleged rapist to the detriment of the victim.

Shawson gets called to a house where a little boy comes running out talking about how his dad is hurt. Upon entering the premises they are faced with a giant snake. This thing probably inhabits the Chamber of Secrets. Shawson runs for the door, as I would when faced with so much as a garter snake. Dawson freaks out and it’s hilarious. She wants to call animal control until Shay says, “look, that guy in there might not have too much time and since Fawkes isn’t here, I don’t have the Sorting Hat on me, and I left my rooster in my other uniform, I think we better go back in.  Besides, I’m a Gryffindor so I live to fight Slytherins of all shapes and sizes.” Dawson is mildly heartened until they get in there and Shay goes all Gilderoy Lockhart and actually hides behind the little kid. Dawson, looking legitimately terrified gets the snake into the bathroom and closes the door so they can tend to the dad.

Severide walks into a meeting with Mouch and the Chief where they tell him that Tara has been promoted and will not be pursuing her internal charges. But, based on Niki’s dad’s testimony, the committee found enough evidence to kick everything up to the state’s attorney to investigate whether there should be criminal charges or not. Time to get a lawyer Kelly. I think Alicia Florick would be a good choice especially if we can gets her majesty of boots and badassery, Kalinda Sharma, to join. Oh Kalinda and Shay, now that’s a pretty pair. I’ll just be over her pondering the possibilities.

Kelly is distraught in the bathroom. He says “I walked her to the door,” and Shay tells him it will be okay because they will fight it. Dude, walking her to the door, if you actually sexually assaulted her doesn’t absolve you, just fyi. Severide tells Shay he doesn’t trust anyone in the world except for her. Herrmann and Cruz walk in to offer support and to let him know if he wants to get drunk he should come by Molly’s. Severide declines and looks a bit broken.

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