“Chicago Fire” recap (1.21): “Keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty”

Severide and Tara meet and he tries to get her to be reasonable. She says that she’s being encouraged to file a police report. He seems genuinely baffled by the whole thing and wants to know if he said something to offend her. She seems equally rattled and tells him that maybe it would go away if he would apologize on the record. He looks at her and says “you’re crazy.”  Um, protip, Severide, when dealing with someone who might actually be crazy or just out to get you, calling them crazy is not the best plan. She stalks off muttering about how meeting with him was a bad idea and considering going all Evil Willow on his ass.

The Dawson twins are chatting about Voight and Antonio feels bad that her sister owes a favor to a truly bad dude because he got himself shot. He tells Gaby he’ll take care of it, which is most likely the prelude to him getting shot again but I’m ok with that as long as nothing happens to Dawson and her beautiful tight embrace. The best moment is when Gaby tells her brother not to do anything crazy. You think Evel Kneivel had the same chats with his siblings?

Everyone is called out to a chemical spill with a diesel fire kicker. The driver of the tanker is trapped inside so Severide suits up, less Barney Stinson more Outbreak, and has to find a way to get to the driver. Hadley doesn’t know the technique so Mills does it instead. Hadley, and everyone not named Mills, is incredibly jealous because they want to be Severide’s favorite, and Kelly didn’t even notice that Hadley did his hair just the way Kelly likes it. To add insult to Hadley’s bruised ego the Chief pats Mills on the back as he leaves the accident site.

Back in homeroom Mills is having some food when he notices that Pouch is taking a particular interest. Because the spoonful he just put in his mouth tasted horrible, Chef Mills deduces that Hadley put dog food in his meal. Hadley just giggles and goes for extra credit on his how to be a racist asshole final exam by telling Mills to “relax, mutt” and all hell breaks loose. The trainer who was there for the sexual harassment class doesn’t report the incident but wants to know how the Chief will deal with Hadley. The Chief deals with him by shipping him out to another house.

Antonio is meeting with Voight. They stand on the sidewalk and sniff each other. Voight stares with his serpentine face and calculates just what he can extract from Antonio, who now works at the intelligence unit. Voight has the bearing of someone who has trained to be a boxer. He walks with confidence, his movements are compact, close to the body, as if he is coiled and ready to spring at any moment. His eyes take in every quiver from his opponent and figure out how to counter any attack. He looks like he likes to work the body, not stand back and jab at arms length.  

They stare some more, growl a bit and then we cut to Severide sitting outside his hearing. Tara and her lady attorney walk out and Mouch yells at Severide for contacting Tara because now the panel is looking into all the names in his little black book and the notches on his headboard. Seems like intern Niki is coming back to haunt him. Remember Niki, she had it bad for Severide and she enjoyed spending time with him in the equipment room? She told him he could leave his hat on? Yeah, that’s the one. Severide can’t believe it. Dude, next time take a walk or a cold shower or something.

Casey and Hallie are hanging out and drinking wine at her new place (which completely looks like something you can afford on a resident’s salary). They exchange boxes of crap, including his hockey memorabilia. She found an agreement they made once when they got in a fight. Casey, ever the sentimentalist recalls it saying “keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty.” Before you can say “fighting strap,” they are pulling their jerseys off and working on keeping the sex dirty.

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