“Chicago Fire” recap (1.21): “Keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty”


The teams are called out to the scene of an accident where the driver was shot and then drove through the window of  store. The driver is the guy who shot Curtis. Oh but it’s not that simple because of course the guy has slumped forward, foot on the gas so the wheels are still spinning, and there’s a lady trapped under the car. After everyone is out of the car Severide decides to test the theory that stupid is as stupid does and busts out his phone to get in touch with Tara. Mouch tells him he’s a dumbass and that maybe contacting the woman who alleges that you assaulted her is not the best idea.

Shawson bring the gunshot victim into the ER and then linger and chat over the nurses station as is their wont. Some like to take their dates to dinner or maybe a coffee, these ladies enjoy the ambiance of a busy urban ER. They talk about Tara and Dawson asks if there’s any way that Severide did something against her will. Shay shoots that theory down but says he won’t talk about it and she’s just trying to steer clear. They try to reassure themselves that everything will work out but when a guy like Voight is free to roam around and put hits out on anyone he pleases it doesn’t exactly fill them with a warm sense of safety. Dawson looks around like she trying to avoid a teacher whose class she skipped and Shay, who knows everything going on with her girlfriend, says that Hallie’s not there. Dawson twitches and is like “no, dude, I totally wasn’t looking for Hallie, oh look a creepy, dirty cop is calling me on the phone.”

Back at the firehouse we have the worst excuse for sexual harassment training ever. It quickly goes from how to give a compliment without being creepy into a story about Herrmann’s buddy walking around with his junk hanging out of his pants (no joke, I didn’t make that up). There’s a lot of discussion about the good old days before women came in and messed everything up and made them take down their Hustler centerfolds. The trainer is more on the side of “yeah that sounds like fun, wish I could have been part of it” than “hey one of you was accused of sexual assault with a subordinate how about you all shut the hell up.”

Antonio is chatting with the Chief and Casey about Voight. He’s hoping that Voight will take a little hush money and fly off to his house in Myrtle Beach and play golf for the rest of his life. Oh Antonio, if you think that’s going to happen I have a unicorn and bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The Chief implores Casey not to get drawn back into anything with Voight. Shawson is leaving the hospital and will you look at that, Voight is the one calling Dawson’s phone and he wants to collect that favor she owes him.

Back in the land of not getting sucked into anything, Casey and Dawson chat about favors (but not the fun, sexy kind) and Voight. Dawson is keeping Casey in the loop because, she loves him and secretly she wishes she weren’t dating Mills because he’s so hung up on Severide it gets awkward in the boudoir because he’s always talking about Severide and hoses and it gives a girl a complex. Casey says “we’re cool” and gives her his blessing to do whatever she was damn well going to do anyway. The next time Dawson asked for anyone’s blessing before doing something will be the first time. It’s nice of him to offer to call Voight for her and that he tells her she’s too important to him to give her the silent treatment. In the middle of this nice we’re not a couple but we act awkward around each other moments the trainer comes bombing out into the hallway looking for some volunteers.

Dawson and Casey role play (again, not in the fun sexy way) and get heckled by the rest of the house. Shay is particularly vocal (but not in a sexy way) about all it takes is an allegation for a case to get started. You know what, it’s true that an allegation is all it takes, but that’s all it should take. The number of false complaints of sexual assault that get filed is miniscule and each allegation should be taken seriously. Shay is predisposed to believe Severide, as is everyone else in the house, but I still feel frustrated with this storyline.  I mean we all know Casey shouldn’t be telling Dawson she’s stacked, especially in the back, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that. Can I get some fries with that shake shake booty? All of that may be true but that’s off limits, dude. You know only Shay gets to talk about Dawson that way.

Severide is also annoyed with the storyline because he hops up in the middle of Casey talking about Dawson’s juicy melons to take an unadvisable trip to witness tampering lane. While he steps out Hadley and other squad guy prank Mills into thinking the window of his car has been smashed. It’s all in good fun right?

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