“Chicago Fire” recap (1.20): “Buried romantic feelings and unspoken sexual tension”

They all gather at Molly’s to hang twinkle lights, drink warm beer, and contemplate how royally screwed they all are if the case against Voight can’t go forward. Everyone heads outside to get a look at the new doors and Shay pulls Severide back to talk to him. She apologizes for ripping his head off the night before and notes that just maybe the hormones are making her a crazy person. He says he’s sorry for giving the impression that he’s less than committed to having a kid with her. She tells him that she’s going to go a different direction so that their friendship doesn’t get ruined because he’s the one good thing in her life right now. Yep, perfectly responsible to add a kid to that kind of environment. Everything looks less messy and difficult with a baby. He talks her out of it and they’re back on the parenting as best friends boondoggle.

Dawson and Casey pose for a picture, just like the one of Dawson’s grandparents, in front of the door which has been stripped, sanded, and refinished faster than they make shit on The New Yankee Workshop. In the midst of the picture taking Mills shows up and makes out with Dawson’s face and pees on her leg to let Casey know she belongs to Mills and only Mills. It’s gross.

Severide gets called back to the firehouse and when he gets there Tara is leaving with some other lady. He tries to say hello but she won’t look at him. He walks into the Chief’s office which is filled with official looking guys. The Chief says that Tara has made an allegation that Severide lured her to his apartment and tried to force himself upon her. Look, I’m not going to beat this one to death but can we just be done with false rape story lines? Rape is an underreported crime, seriously underreported, and the number of falsely reported rapes is miniscule. Let’s not perpetuate the idea that women cry rape like the boy cried wolf. It sure seems like they are setting this up as a false allegation because she’s pissed about getting kicked out of the program, but the fact that she pursued Severide, arrived at his apartment late at night with beer, and told him she was interested in him does not for a second rule out the possibility that she was raped. On the plus side, the Chief and other superior officers seem to be taking the allegation seriously, so there’s that.

She said what

Later, after Mills has run along to homeroom, Dawson thanks Casey for his help on the door. It means a lot to her and he says he knows, that’s why he did it. They’re in the midst of a nice moment when in walks the least busy resident in the history of the world. Hallie is back from South America looking well-rested and not at all like a doctor.

Here are a few of your #ShaycagoFire tweets. Glad you guys stuck around to give me a few giggles.

The show is off for until April 24. Until then let’s talk about this week, what did you think of the episode?

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