“Chicago Fire” recap (1.20): “Buried romantic feelings and unspoken sexual tension”


Dawson and Casey are shopping for a door for the bar and they sure are giggly. Casey picks up a heavy object (not making this up) to show how manly and strong he is. Dawson, is like, “bitch, please” and tries to lift it but then, like a Looney Toons character, realizes just how heavy it a split second before the anvil falls on her head. They find the perfect door just before Mills calls to check in from class. He’s running up the steps with books in his hands and a pen in his teeth like something out of a John Hughes movie. He offers to help her shop the following day and she dodges it by saying that no, it’s cool, she’s already done all her giggling with Casey.


Tara shows up dangling a six pack of beer in front of Severide and then oozes her way inside. She tells him that the bartender that they have as a “mutual friend” talked about how Tara should stay away from Severide because she would be incapable of resisting his charm. Other things she’s incapable of doing: taking a hint, making a basket, and doing her fucking job. In the middle of their heartfelt conversation over a sixer, Shay busts in, hair wild, eyes red, and guns blazing. She’s pissed that Severide hasn’t been answering his calls because she’s “in the window” and she needs to get pregnant now. She sees that he’s busy with Madam Incompetent, says “if she’s half as crap in bed as she in on the ambulance I wouldn’t bother,” before telling him that if he can’t check his goddamn phone maybe he’s not father material. Shay, you know I love you, but the moment to realize this was a long time ago. This guy is not a pillar of responsibility around whom you should build a life or raise a child. She tells him that she releases him from his responsibility and we all cheer! Ding dong the stupid story line is dead, and there was much rejoicing (not really).

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of hormone induced craziness. Welcome to pregnancy”

The next shift the guys are all mad at Dawson for getting Tara switched out. Casey starts to talk to Dawson about the door and Mills gets all puffed up with jealousy but Dawson’s saved by a call to a burning house full of pot plants. The place is rigged to several different illegal sources of electricity. Inside Casey and Severide fight for custody of Peter Mills before one of the firefighter’s gets electrocuted and Casey and Mills have to save him. Otis congratulates Mills for having rescued a member of rescue squad. Oh great, they’re all friends again, now I can sleep at night. Mills plants himself in the truck before anyone else so he doesn’t get left behind this time. He asks Casey why he never tried out for Squad and Casey says because no one cares what kind of insignia you are wearing when you save their life. True fact. I rarely ask to see ID when I’m having my life saved.


“No whiners left behind”

They are called to the scene of another incident and this time it’s the guy the cops wired to bring down dirty cop, bad guy Voight. He’s been shot and Dawson looks worried and tries to shield it from Casey.

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