“Chicago Fire” recap (1.20): “Buried romantic feelings and unspoken sexual tension”

Back at the fire house Mills is emptying garbage cans until Severide calls him over to the leather recliner Severide has set up like a throne. They talk some more about torches and what their best uses are and the Squad boys and Otis give Mills the side eye because they want to be Severide’s favorite. Otis starts bitching about why Mills is sitting at the Squad table and how no one ever asked him to be on Squad. Casey growls that maybe it’s because Otis is a slacker and Mills has been busting his ass. Severide writes Mills a note so he can get into the classes that were closed.

Tara is lurking behind the ambulance. Severide bets her a dollar that she can’t make a basket with a ball of paper. She says, make it a beer and we have a deal and then tanks the shot. It’s 2013, this “I have to pretend to be bad at things so boys will like me” is tired, it’s lame, and frankly it makes me think that you can’t hack it anywhere. I will start booing your every appearance on my screen now.

Casey goes to the see the Chief because he’s just brimming with concern for the guy who is dating the girl he blew it with. He’s mad that Severide is stealing his candidate that he marches in and tells the Chief that he’s so concerned that maybe no one is looking out for Peter Mills and oh by the way I think you are doing all of this out of guilt over letting Henry Mills die. Oh Casey, you have more wrong theories than three seasons of parental confusion on Pretty Little Liars.

Mills is sitting in the semi-darkness of the bunk room talking on the phone like a teenage girl. He’s talking with the course people about getting into the class he was missing. When Dawson tries to talk to him he gets all snappy with her and then admits he feels like he’s doing something wrong. He thinks all the mean girls are talking behind his back. Dude, you are the whiniest person on this show (and that’s saying something). Dawson and Shay have had a gun pulled on them twice, Dawson got kidnapped by a ambulance jacker last week, she had a gun to her head when she was trying to find her brother’s shooter, and she witnessed her brother being shot. Repeat after me, “Suck. It. Up.” She’s a nicer person than I am and tells him what Madonna taught her and that is that some people are afraid of a little ambition. This is why Dawson scrapped her plan to become a doctor in favor of staying at the fire house with the worst luck this side of a horror movie.

Shay’s hanging out in the locker room when Herrmann’s wife waddles in. She’s pregnant and mentions that she’s a little short of breath but that it’s probably just the weight she’s gained. Hooray, someone to show Shay that having a kid is a terrible idea! But Shay’s super EMT sense is tingling and it tells her that something’s just not right. Sure enough it turns out Cindy’s got a possible pulmonary embolism and they rush her to the hospital. Shay has to intubate Cindy and Tara is about as much use as a fart in a jam jar. When they reach the hospital Shay stays with Cindy until the doctor comes out to tell her that everything is fine. They’ll probably name the kid Leslie or Shay or something.

“Possibly gratuitous picture of Shay in a T-shirt”

The paramedics chief stops by and Dawson freaks for a second and runs through the list of questionable things she’s done in the past week. She comes up empty for the first time ever and actually smiles back at the guy. He asks her how Tara is doing and she tells him she’s a nice girl which in paramedic speak is the same as if someone asks if a girl is hot and you say she has a nice personality. Dawson lays it down, the girl can’t hack it in the city. Have fun in the burbs Tara, nice knowing you.

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