“Chicago Fire” recap (1.20): “Buried romantic feelings and unspoken sexual tension”

Tara starts talking to Severide as soon as he enters the station like one of those sales people who ambushes you with their helpful questions and won’t take “I’m just here for a corkscrew” for an answer. She tries to get his attention with a friend they have in common. Girl, dropping the name of some chick he had sex with one time isn’t going to jog this genius’ memory. He’s going to need dates, times, and a catalog number for the tape of the encounter. He’s foggy on the whole thing and she’s nipping at his heels and bringing him his slippers and finally she stands up on her back legs and twirls in a circle. He’s unimpressed because, well did you see Renee Royce? Yeah. So come back another time blondie. Chicks who are competent are much hotter than chicks who can’t get shit done.

Dawson and Otis are sitting around looking at a picture of Dawson’s grandparents in a photo taken in Madrid. They are standing in front of an intricate wooden door at the restaurant where her grandfather proposed. Dawson is angling to put a similar door in Molly’s. Otis doesn’t want to do anything without Herrmann who is hunting in the wilds of Canada. Dawson is like, dude if we want to do something now is the time before Herrmann loses his mind about cost. Casey chimes in because it’s none of his business and tells Dawson that he knows a place where ain’t nobody crying… er…paying full price. He knows a place, and he’ll take her there to pick out a door. In the middle of Casey trying to woo Dawson with the promise of moderately priced, salvaged, building materials Mills shows up with his janitor’s bucket and Casey waves him back to the shower to continue his penance. I mean, god, it’s not bad enough that Mills is dating Dawson but now he’s romancing Severide, too. Casey has a breaking point and this is it.

The paramedics get called out and while they are gone Mills tries to talk to Casey. He says he’s sorry and Casey wants Mills to do his job on Truck until he moves. Basically it’s a lot of macho posturing and sniffing each other’s butts. The paramedic trio is off to pull a guy out of garage door because he got his arm stuck in it and it hoisted him to the ceiling. My wife took one look and said “this show is gross” and yeah, she did a trauma surgery rotation in med school so she’s seen a thing or two. Tara is useless and freezes, again, while Shay and Dawson bring the badass. They save the guy and his arm. Hooray!

At the hospital Shay asks Dawson if Tara is off crying in a corner somewhere because smart mouth Shay is the best Shay. We missed you, please don’t ever leave us again. She gives Dawson crap for going shopping for fixtures with Casey after work. Dawson says she’s just glad things are back to normal with Mr. Fix-it and Shay cackles and says “Normal? As in mean buried romantic feelings and unspoken sexual tension?” Dawson shoves her playfully because we all know Shay’s talking about them. Shay tells Dawson that she heard that Hallie is off finding herself in South America, as medical residents ALWAYS do in the middle of residency. Dawson shrugs and says “I’ve got my man,” and we think yeah, that dude with the mop is a keeper. Shay gets hormone jacked and starts yelling at an orderly who has the audacity to touch their gurney. Yep, the hormone are working out just fine. Tara pops in from god knows where with a couple of cups of coffee to make up for being a shitty paramedic.

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