“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.19): “You will be mounted.”


On the way back from a call Mouch has the truck stop at the Herrmann family business. Herrmann’s dad isn’t there but his brother takes him around. He shows Herrmann the shrine their dad has in his office to Herrmann the firefighter. Turns out his dad wasn’t disappointed in the boy after all.

The mother of the dead kid comes by to tell everyone that her son wanted to be a firefighter. She reminds them that he was there, and that after his tour he wanted to be nothing other than a fireman when he grew up. She brings tears to everyone’s eyes when she says that he would have been glad that they were all with him at the end. She gives the Chief a photo of her son dressed in a firefighter costume. The Chief tacks it to the board and tell them all that they have to do better, they have to be better for this kid.

Herrmann, still dealing with his big feelings about the old guy who died, says they have to do something for the kid. The episode ends with the funeral procession. The entire house is out front, in their dress blues. They salute as the hearse drives by and the only thing missing to really pulls all the tears I have would have been a bagpiper. But boy, those uniforms look sharp and it’s hard not to feel your heart ripped out as the car slowly passes the station, the crew snapping to attention, and the mother and her other son awash in tears.

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