“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.19): “You will be mounted.”


At the hospital, Dawson approaches the mother to ask if she has heard any news about the boy. Look, they found a way to get medical information without violating federal law, hooray! The mom says that he had a windpipe injury so his brain was cut off from oxygen for some length of time. Dawson’s face betrays the fact that she knows that brains without oxygen don’t do well but she tries to reassure the mother. The mom mentions that her son had been at the firehouse earlier in the year on a class trip and that he wanted to be a firefighter. It was his dream of joining the CFD that kept him from joining the gangs and his mom was sure would keep him on the straight and narrow. Dawson’s face contorts with effort as she tries to keep from letting her emotions make this tragedy about her when she should be comforting the boy’s mother. Finally, she has to walk away.

Back at the firehouse the boys are watching the White Sox and chatting about crappy baseball teams. Meanwhile, Otis is brushing Pouch’s teeth, as one does in the common areas at work. Casey leaves and runs into the Chief and Severide in the hallway. Severide says that he wants to fast track Peter Mills to Squad. The record, held by Severide himself, for the youngest person to make the jump to Squad is 23 years old. Severide thinks Mills can break the record and Chief Walker thinks it would be good for CFD morale. Oh, what could possibly go wrong with the department promoting someone because it was good for morale? The Chief says he’s fine with it if Mills can hack it and Casey storms off.

Chief calls Mills into his office to find out if his intentions for Squad are honorable and if the Chief should give his blessings for this union. Mills says something about wanting to be an elite firefighter, which in no way is related to learning last week that his father was, possibly, a substandard firefighter (and possibly kind of a coward). The Chief is skeptical and uses the tool of every mother or mother-in-law to knock Mills down a peg. He tells Mills that he’s gained ten pounds in the time he’s been a candidate and nothing says commitment to being elite quite like a spare tire. So now that he’s called Mills fat and lazy he dismisses him from the office. The only thing missing is a “is that what you’re wearing” to complete the triple crown of passive aggressiveness. The Chief even smirks after Mills goes like the stepmother in some horrible children’s fairy tale.

“This is my happy face.”

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