“Chicago Fire” recap (1.18) “Hey bruiser”

Casey, Benny, and Severide are having a cozy little chat about how great it is that Casey is looking after Darden’s widow. Severide looks slightly less pleased. Benny tells his son that he’s not so sure about teaching since he thinks everyone in the house is a dillhole and that back in the good old days men were men and fire was hot, or some such shit. While he’s busy spouting off he Hercule Poirot’s some rubber on the floor and deduces that there was a second burn victim. Whoever set the fire left some sneaker behind and oh, look the door was jimmied from the inside so it’s not actually arson but an inside job. Hooray, Benny saves the day with his curmudgeon’s power of detection.

Through a process evading all HIPAA regulations Severide gets access to the burn victim, coaches him not to tell the cops part of the story and determines that the owner wanted the restaurants torched. Another heartwarming obstruction of justice storyline.

Back at the house, Cruz and the guys show a genuine interest in Shay’s quest for all the sperm that’s fit to swim. She snaps at them and says she’s regrouping. Mouch looks at Dawsona and she gets really interested in the ceiling. Yeah, I can’t get the image of him as a sperm donor out of my head either. Otis plops down and asks Dawson and Mills how they got together. Dawson gets twitchy and gives some bullshit but Peter Mills so so proud of the fact that Dawson asked him out that he lays out all the details. Casey stares at Dawson, all mad that he kissed her on the cheek when she looked devastatingly hot. You blew it, buddy.

Mills gets a message from Ezra about his dad’s fire and rushes off to view it on his computer. While he’s gone the Chief tells Severide and Benny that they did a good job with the arson investigation.

Shay nabs Severide and hauls him into the locker room. She starts blabbing about sperm donors and how it’s weird and that she wants her baby to have a father who is a good man and who is smart and caring and hot enough that even lesbians notice. She speeds through the talk, like her mind is trying to get her to the end, to get to the point. Except that her mind realizes that there is a monster at the end of this conversation. Then she throws in a thousand more words than necessary, just to stop from having to ask the question, to stop from having to admit to her best friend that she wants something from him that could change both their lives and that could end a friendship. So she speeds and she stalls and finally she gets to the monster. She finally asks Severide if he will have a baby with her. Thankfully she makes it clear that she just wants his sperm not the rest of him. He looks about like someone might when asked to father a child with his lesbian best friend. He starts several times to try to talk but she won’t let him answer. Instead she fills the space between them with her eyes half full of tears and reassurances that if he says no they will still be bros to the end. It’s sort of sweet in a horribly misguided, stupid idea kind of way.

Look, I hate this story line. I think it’s tired and boring and the best way to put Shay into a relationship that looks pretty darn heterosexual. But, this scene, Shay’s terror at asking a favor so big that it could either be the beginning of her best adventure or the end of her best friendship, feels true. So, yeah, I wish she had gotten a dog or a plant or gone on a hot lady shagging spree instead of the tired story but I have to say that this scene felt truer than the rest of this silly storyline has thus far. I’m still hoping this all ends without a baby and a whole lot of lady-loving but what looked horrible in the promo wasn’t.

When Mills comes out of the computer lab Benny is saying good-bye. Before he does Mills starts asking questions. He wants to know why everyone signed off on his father’s nomination for the highest honor, but Benny didn’t. Benny says that the medal was for valor and that Mills’ father panicked in the fire, took off his mask and when the other guy tried to put it back on they both got killed. He wasn’t going to give an award to a coward. Mills hauls off and decks Benny and a melee breaks out. Testosterone levels usually only found in one-nutted professional cyclists fill the room. Boden and Dawson hover nervously at the edge as Benny starts to tell Mills that Boden was hooking up with Mama Mills but instead Benny holds that card for later.

Boden sends Mills home indefinitely. Dawson hurries after Mills and tells him that while she respects his feelings he can’t just go slugging people whenever he feels like it. This is hilarious coming from the lady who kicked a frat boy out of her rig with the sole of her boot and who has an frequent visitor punch card for the disciplinary committee.

Dawson sits on the Chief’s couch while he talks about Mills and Mills’ father. He slept with Mills’ mom while she and Mills’ dad were separated. But after a month they got back together and Boden backed away. Mama Mills says that Boden broke her heart and if Dawson wants Mills to know all that he says he’ll go tell him after the shift ends. Dawson asks if Benny was telling the truth about the fire and Boden says not from where he was standing.

Heather is cooking for Casey and it’s clear she’s having a rough go. She talks about how it’s silly for both of them to be alone in their houses and how sad it is to come home to no one (umm doesn’t she have a bunch of kids?). She does her best to make a move on Casey but he shuts her down with the whole your dead husband was my best friend and frenching you in the front seat of my truck is as far as this is going, OK? She’s fine with it and they watch a movie and she falls asleep on the couch. He sweetly covers her up.

Dawson shows up at Mills’ house and says “hey bruiser.” Gabriela Dawson could make a fight between two goalies at center ice sound sexy. She takes off her coat to reveal a sweater from the Emporium of Bi-Curious Clothing where Liz Lemon also shops for shoes. Mills is petulant and Dawson lies and tells him that Boden said nothing of interest at all, nope nothing about boning his mom and breaking her heart. Basically he was a mime. She tries to tell him that what Benny said wasn’t true but he throws some shit and storms off to his room to play xBox.

Benny and Severide are chatting and Benny’s being a prick, per usual. Which is says is fine because since he can’t change it why should he worry about it. How about you just stop being an ass to everyone around you? Severide tries to tell him that Mills has heart but Benny’s too busy talking about how lacking everyone around Severide is and that maybe there’s something wrong with Severide if he can’t see that. He leaves after apologizing for causing a ruckus.

There’s a knock on Mills’ door and it’s Severide. He’s all ready to be as different as he can from his father so he tells Mills to take the classes he needs to get on Squad. Severide even offers to help pull strings if he has to. Mills looks happy and so does Dawson, even if she’s worried that there are still too many secrets floating around. Who knew that the fastest way to get on Squad was to punch a boss’s dad?

Here are some of our favorite #ShaycagoFire tweets. You guys crack me up.

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