“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.17): “Hork it back up.”


Finally, we’re at the much-talked-about dinner. Shay looks incredible. I have a lifetime love of ladies in their everyday clothes but Leslie Shay cleans up really nicely. She tries to steal a sip from Severide’s drink but he tells her no, she’s got to keep it clean for the bun she’s planning to put in her oven and she thanks him for backing her up on the idiotic plan. Just a tip, if drinking alone prevented pregnancy think how many fewer babies would be born to ugly men? Beer goggles are a real thing, people.

They run into Casey and Darden’s widow. Their meeting diffuses all the weirdness between Severide and Mrs. Darden from the first few episodes. Casey sees Dawson and Mills at a table and exchanges waves with Dawson. Mills asks his mom if she knows Benny Severide, “you know he worked with dad.” Yeah she knows dude and the slug of her drink she just downed should be a clue to back off.

Mills meets Casey at the bar and Casey gets very serious and says “treat her right.” Ugh, these guys are so annoying with their man of few words nonsense. It doesn’t feel fraught with emotion, it just feels like another attempt to show that Casey is such a good guy. Boring.

The Chief is giving a speech to open the evening. He talks about tradition binding them all together. He singles out Mills for his bold actions to save the jumper and that it reminded him of Mills’ father who died a hero. Benny has heard enough and he gets up and leaves the room while the Chief talks about heroes and how they are born that way (oh hi, Lady Gaga). Dawson runs into Benny and then witnesses his interaction with Boden. He tells Boden he doesn’t like to listen to fairy tales anymore. Benny tells Boden that Mills took unnecessary risks to prove himself to the man, Boden, who was sleeping with his wife. Ah, and it all becomes clear. Poor Dawson is stuck in the middle as Benny says Henry Mills told him about the affair and Boden threatens to knock Benny out if he doesn’t leave. Dawson looks like she wishes the earth would swallow her whole.

Heather and Casey are sitting in his truck and she lunges across the car and kisses him. He kisses her back and this looks like a nice little mess to clean up with the show returns on March 20.

Here are a few of the #ShaycagoFire tweets that had me laughing last night.

All right, let’s talk about Shay and the pregnant lesbian trope. What are your thoughts?

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