“Chicago Fire” recap (1.16): “Come on, be realistic.”


Shay, Dawson, and Mills are walking out at the end of the shift. Shay gets a call telling her that Mickey consented to have his blood tested and that he came back negative for any diseases. She and Dawson hugs and Mills joins in not realizing he’s the most annoying third wheel ever.

Are you kidding me right now Mills?

Severide is at the psych ward to pick up Renee who tells him to go to hell. He asks her to spend half an hour with him and then he’ll take her wherever she wants to go. Meanwhile, the bar owners are opening the safe. They find a box. When Dawson opens it she says “we never should have opened this.”

I knew a girl named Pandora once. Never did get to see her box though.

Christie is at Casey’s house to pick their mom up since her day to take care of her. Instead mom bounces out of the house and into an ancient Beetle driven by her old cell mate Cheyenne. What could possibly go wrong?

We’re back at the apartment with Shay and the realtor and no sign of Clarice. When Clarice walks in she’s like “sweet about you not having HIV but here’s the deal, Daniel offered to share custody if I move to New York.” Shay’s momentarily thrilled because it means he caved and they can keep negotiating, but she forgot that Clarice doesn’t have the heart of a lion. Clarice says she’s tired of fighting so she’s going to take the deal and she’s leaving for New York that evening. Clarice just oozes into whatever shape is most convenient for her. I can’t understand how Shay who is upstanding and brave got so wrapped up with someone so willing to do the easy thing regardless of who she hurts. I am hoping this is the last we see of Clarice and the start of Shay becoming the skirt chaser we all know she can be. For the love of god, can they stop making her cry?

Severide take Renee to a spot she once told him that “life never looked simpler than it did from right here.” She tries to shrug him off, push him away with a smart remark about how “sometimes a view i just a view” but he presses on by telling her that until recently he never had any kind of relationship like the one he had with her.

He says the one girl he really liked left and that sometimes it’s just easier to let things fall apart than to try to make it work. She says when she sees him and her family all she sees is what she lost. “Sometimes a view is just a view” he says. He tells her he hated her once but now he misses her. He drives Renee to see her brother and leaves them hugging on the sidewalk.

Here are your #ShaycagoFire tweets that cracked me up last night. Thanks you guys for playing along.

So what did you think of the episode? What do you hope happens next? Are you happy that Clarice is gone?

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