“Chicago Fire” recap (1.16): “Come on, be realistic.”

Shay and Dawson are called out to a homeless guy who is refusing to go indoors in spite of the cold. While they are walking to the guy Dawson cracks that Shay and Severide move in and out of their apartment so many times it’s like watching a ping-pong match. She’s not wrong. I’m guess the number for U-Haul is on speed dial at Shayveride’s. They convince Mickey to come out of the cold although he’s not sold on going to the hospital.

Shay tells him that there are lots of pretty nurses there, most of whom she knows in the biblical sense. He says “Prettier than you two” and Shay, speaking for everyone with eyes says “Come on, be realistic” because no one actually looks like Shay and Dawson. Shay goes to give Mickey a shot and he waves his arm and Shay’s stuck with the needle. Look, we watched the preview from last week, we knew this was coming but it doesn’t mean we didn’t flinch. I would like to know why Shay is the designated punching bag for this show.

Shay’s at the hospital again. Just one more admission and she qualifies for a free overnight stay and a gift basket. Judging by the shit they throw at her, the basket will be hers by Easter. The doctor explains all the possible blood-borne diseases she may have caught from Mickey. They are treating her for every possibility because Mickey refuses to take a blood test to let them know what diseases he actually has. Shay is terrified and Dawson is there to comfort her. Who isn’t there? Clarice. When the going gets tough, Clarice runs for the hills.

Shay and Dawson walk in and Boden is there to comfort Shay with the assurance that she’s getting the best treatment available. Dawson tells Severide about the needle stick and he hurries off to be with his bro. Dawson wanders over to Mills and says she just wants the shift to be over. Mills tries to comfort her on the sly. These two little closet cases are kind of cute with their longing looks and secret hand holding.

Shay is freaking out to Severide in the locker room about having to miss work if she ends up infected by the needle stick. She doesn’t want it to jeopardize their chances of keeping Wesley if Daniel’s attorney finds out that she’s missing work because she has a communicable disease. She tells Severide she has to move out because their living situation isn’t “normal” enough. Severide is hurt but tells her to do whatever she has to do to keep her little family together. Clearly the lawyers never saw Full House because wacky parenting situations are nothing new and Severide would make a great Uncle Jesse.

Dawson tells Casey that she didn’t have any other choice but to go to Voight to protect Antonio. Casey’s still stuck on the hit Voight tried to put out on Casey. Before they can try to sort out this problem, Mouch drops in the tell Casey that Cruz is back and now would be a good time for Casey to go do his freaking job.

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