“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.14): “Posing for a Calendar?”


Dawson is at the hospital talking to Antonio and her spidey sense tells her that everyone is in danger because her brother decided to take on a gang and got shot. She missed her calling as a detective. She decides to find a way to end it and she’s will to talk to Detective Lucifer Voight. Ugh, he’s the same cartoon villain with his over-the-top menacing and shit-eating grin. Anyway, Dawson is ready to trade favors with the guy so he gives her a name and tells her that this guy will find her someone willing to testify against the people who shot Antonio. We all know it’s a bad move for Dawson but thinking with her head seems to be an issue for her, so off she goes with her gut and we’ll just have to cover our eyes.

The bar is getting inspected and there are problems they never anticipated because the former owner never had an issue. He also had an “understanding” with the inspector. Otis does the most ham-handed job of trying to bribe the inspector and Herrmann looks like he might cry.

Severide’s channeling his inner papa and holding Shay junior and reading the parenting book. Shay asks “Are you posing for a calendar?” Shay looks over his shoulder and says “Thank god he looks like Clarice.” Those who have seen Shiri Appleby and the guy who plays her husband will agree that is an excellent choice. Good job random gene selection! Severide tells Shay about Whaley’s request to find Renee the First. He asks if the lawyer they have for the custody case is any good at finding missing people. He’s not sure he wants to find her or if he can help her at all. Shay, ever the voice if this show’s conscience points out that he went out of his way to help a stranger at the hospital but he doesn’t want to help the woman the almost married? She has a point, Kelly.

Got your eyes covered? Good because this part is about as scary as I can handle. Dawson is alone (stupid!) at a creepy building with a long, dark, hallway leading to a bunch of closed doors and a lady not dressed for church standing outside of one. In a blink, Dawson is face down on the floor with a gun to her head and a faceless man asking her what the hell she’s doing there. Really, what ARE you doing there Gaby. She talks fast, drops Voight’s name, and promises never to come back. The bad guy lets her live.

Severide walks into a club that looks nice enough until you notice the pole on stage. He finds Renee who is sitting in her lacy undies and a shortie robe, talking to a man who is, shall we say, not as attractive as she is. She’s surprised to see him and then her face hardens into the wall we all use when our ex-fiance finds us in our skivvies in a strip club. She insists she’s fine so vehemently that even Severide understands it must be opposite day.

Dawson’s back in the principal’s office. The Chief got a call about her trip to see Voight and he warns her about Voight and then tells her that gossip can be tough and maybe she should consider telling Casey about her deal with his would be murderer before he hears it from Mouch. She finds Casey and he does his Casey thing when she tells him. He stomps, he points his finger, and makes an angry face. She tells him “Sometimes you have to dance with the devil.” He’s not comforted by this image. “You mean to tell me you’re sleeping with Mills, having a semi-platonic love-friendship thing with Shay, and now you’re dancing with the devil?”

Severide talks to Whaley and lies about how Renee is doing. He leaves Whaley with the impression his sister is fine and maybe she’s a cocktail waitress. Oh Kelly, when will you learn protecting Renee by lying to her family is not ever going to work for you?

Otis and Herrmann and in the garage bay talking to silent partner and the inspector. The inspector tells them that the bar has passed inspection. Otis offers a toast and the inspector declines as he limps over to deliver the papers. Silent partner downs the alcohol and insists that he’s worth twenty-five percent for his “intangibles.” Herrmann looks as nervous as a guy his size should look staring down a guy like that.

Mills and Dawson are chatting in the locker room, which feels like cheating because that was sort of her place with Casey, oh wait I don’t give a crap about Casey. Can we please stop making Monica Raymund cry? I know she’s pretty amazing at it, but honestly it’s just too sad. Before they can get anywhere they are all called out again. This time a house partially collapsed when the upstairs neighbor’s floor collapsed under the weight of hoarding. A girl and her boyfriend are trapped in the basement make-out room but come out of it fine in the end because only bad things happen to Shawson on this show. Herrmann quips that the girl is ok, “Just got banged around a little.” Nice double entendre, Herrmann!

A girl shows up to talk to Dawson. She knows everything and will talk if they can guarantee her safety. Dawson promises her the moon and stars so she’s ready to talk. Hooray! If only every case could be solved so easily.

Herrmann finds the silent partner and calls him a bully. He says if the guy wants to beat him up go for it, and here’s a tire iron if you need it. He tells the guy to take or leave one percent of the bar profit. The guy takes it because free money is never bad.

There’s a quick scene with Shay, Clarice and Severide. This is the most ridiculous scene in the history of the show. Severide is putting together the crib. Dude, you don’t get between a lesbian and her IKEA. We are born with an allen wrench in our hands and the ability to assemble furniture. Clarice comments that she knows that baby Wesley will have a good man in his life. This scene ends with Severide getting a call from Whaley telling him that Renee took a bunch of pills and in in the hospital. Maybe she wasn’t so good after all.

I’m just letting him put it together so he’ll feel accomplished.

Now, I know some people are getting a little riled up about all the talk about seeing Severide as a father in some of these scenes. Honestly, I thought Clarice was making a dig at her husband with this comment, asserting that Daniel is not a good man but that with Severide around the baby will have a good guy in his corner.

I hate any implication that these two ladies need a man to help them raise this kid. But I also think this episode was much more about trying to show Severide’s growth from a selfish man to one who, like a good father, is looking out for others. He helped save the kid from drowning but also helped the kid’s father deal with not jumping to save the boy. He reached out to Renee, which is something he would not have done earlier this season, he seemed to forgive Whaley instead of having a meathead pissing match. Any attempt to show Shay and Clarice as being insufficient parents on their own would rile me up too, but I don’t think that’s what the show is doing here.

Hell, the last scene between Casey and his mom was the over the top, hit you over the head with it, demonstration of the lengths parents go to help their children. She and Casey fight. She starts giving the most ridiculous speech about how she didn’t mean to be out past curfew but that the guy’s car broke down on the highway and how they had to get towed. It’s the song and dance we have heard from every teen in the history of television. But Casey’s gone all honey badger and he don’t give a shit anymore. He kicks his mom out, tells her to to pack up and be out in two weeks.

She launches a last-ditch effort to stay and tells him why she killed his father. Papa Casey was horrid to her, chiseling away at her self worth for years. She fought back but then he started to do it to Matt. The night he died he called her up and began the familiar barrage of insults, she told him to stop it. He moved on and said something cruel and unforgivable about Matt (we don’t know what he actually said) and she snapped. She took the gun, and the key to his house, and drove across town so that he could not do to her son what he had done to her. She killed her husband to protect her son. I think that Mama Casey is manipulative, I think she lies when it suits her, and I think she’s doing everything she can to cling to her son. I don’t like this revelation, partly because I think it unfairly shifts some of the blame for the murder to Casey. But it might be a truth that Casey deals with for a long time.

So the scenes from the next episode show Shay getting a needle-stick story line and an HIV scare. Not to jump to crazy town but haven’t the writers given Shay enough shit to deal with lately? Have they forgotten they hit her with a damn truck a few weeks ago? I am taking it as a sign they know Shay is the best damn character they have and they are trying to keep her in the center of the drama. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Here are a few of your #ShaycagoFire tweets. I loved them. They cracked me the hell up this morning when I read them all. Thank you.

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