“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.14): “Detail-oriented.”


The Chief calls Whaley and Severide into his office and tells them to knock that shit out. He gives them is usual stern faced Chief bit and they look appropriately chastened. Whalely declines the option to leave the house early. After the meeting he tells Severide that since everything happened before the wedding he barely knows where his sister is anymore. It’s always easier to hate Severide instead of hating your own sister.

The brain trust is meeting with the bar owner to finalize the deal to buy the place. What bank wouldn’t give Herrmann a loan that quickly, it’s not like he just had his house foreclosed on or anything. The guy tells them there is just one more silent partner who they can pay whatever they want (yeah right). It’s none other than one fo the mobsters who helped board the place up after the fire. Whoops. This deal just got Herrmanned. As consolation please enjoy Dawson in a blazer.

Back at Casey’s house of role reversal he’s yelling at his mom about being home for curfew, telling her that her skirt is too short, and to get into the bathroom to wipe some of the hussy makeup off. She’s all, dude if I knew you were going to be such a buzzkill I totally would have stayed in prison. Right. So mom, since you have all kinds of options so maybe shut it? Casey how do you feel about having kids now, not quite as fun as you thought it would be when they talk back?

Severide is sitting in the waiting room, looking like some kind of Don Draper carryover from a bygone era when dads waited the birth out in the lounge. But not really since baby’s got two moms. He dials Renee The First’s number but the call can’t go through because the number is no good.

Shay bounces out looking like the proudest papa on the block. “It’s a boy! And he’s perfect and smart and will probably play for Da Bears if you know, there’s still such a thing as football when this kid grows up.” Severide follows her back to the room. On the way, Shay says, “Sorry for back at the firehouse” and Severide, ever the bro says, “No you’re not” and that’s everything you need to know about their friendship. In the room, Clarice is holding the new baby and looking not very much like a lady who just gave birth.

Just as we’re wondering where Daniel, the dad, is he peeks in the doorway. He walks in, holds the baby for a second and then leaves. Severide calls him the father of the year but oh daddy’s not done. In walks the process server. He hands a nice package to Shay and one to Clarice and looks like Daniel is suing for full custody. Charming dude. Shay’s instantly in tears, probably because she knows she’s got zero standing in this case.

My first instinct was to fly off the handle about this potential storyline because it’s tired, and cliche. But before I got all crazy Spencer on it, I am going to give the show a chance to drive this in a new direction. But if it turns into the five billionth story about how being a lesbian makes you an unfit parent I’m going to be really disappointed because so far we’ve been relatively trope-free in Shay’s world.

In the middle of this crisis, welcome to the world kiddo get ready for a custody battle, Dawson calls to say she’s in the parking lot and on her way up. She runs into zombie Antonio who rants about his informant dying of an overdose and now the other hooker has fled the scene because she likes being alive and damn-it don’t they know how hard he’s been working? She tries to calm him down but he pushes past her to his car. She’s worried but starts back toward the lesbian baby drama when an SUV pulls into the background and the windows roll down and we hear shots fired. Dawson runs to Antonio who is covered in blood. She cries in a way that suggests they aren’t in the parking lot outside the entrance to the ER and god why isn’t there any help nearby.

Who knew Antonio could look worse?

And that is how the episode ends. Next week looks chock full of drama with Dawson possibly asking creepy Det. Voight for help. Yikes.

What did you think?

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