“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.14): “Detail-oriented.”


Before the guys can take a swing at each other, which surely would just devolve into Whaley putting his hand on Severide’s forehead and Severide swinging his arms wildly at Whaley’s just out of reach body, Casey’s mom shows up with a plate of cookies.

Casey sees her and is mortified. He tries to recover by showing her around the garage until Mills comes out and gives her a big hug and takes a cookie. Dawson sees this awkward scene unfolding and tries to bolt before being spotted.

Too late, you can’t run from the awkward.

Too late, Casey calls her over and his mom gushes about her being at the hearing. Mills looks hurt and Dawson trips all over this awkward moment by saying prison, big house, the clink, the slammer, and six other answers to Jeopardy clues in the category “Names For Prison.” Mama Casey then takes it to a new level of weird when she pronounces that Dawson is the kind of girl he always pictured Casey with, not that good for nothing Hallie.

Pokey, lock-up, hoosegow.

Dawson and Mills are in the bathroom and he’s hurt because she won’t commit to dinner with his mom but she went to the parole hearing for Casey’s mom. She tells him that she doesn’t like Casey that way and that she’s just been busy, not avoiding him, or the question of his mom. She tells Mills she only wants to see him and of course we know she means except for Shay because the plumbings different so that doesn’t count.

Shay wants to know why Severide doesn’t just tell Whaley what really happened with his sister. Severide doesn’t want to get into it but Shay thinks that maybe Whaley needs to know.

Mouch tries to talk to Casey about Cruz. Mouch has tried to talk to Cruz about whatever’s bugging him but since he won’t open up about it he doesn’t know. Casey tells’ Mouch to leave it alone. Methinks the truth will come out people. You can out, out that damn spot all you like but Emily Fields will tell you that when you kill a guy it changes you.

They are saved by the bell once again and we get a funny Shawson scene as they drive the rig. Shay wonders why Dawson would hide Mills if she really likes him. She claims that she could never hide it if she liked someone that much and had to work beside her every day. Riiight, we totally buy that. I know, you say you aren’t in love with Dawson but then you ask for a few too many details about Mills’ sex skills, and you linger with your looks and your touches. She doesn’t need quite so much help getting in the rig, man. Dawson mentions the Chief yelling and Mills and also she wanted to see what being in the closet felt like, you know for research, for a friend who once thought, briefly, before thinking better of it that she might fancy a woman. Shay tells her to stop being such a baby and take a risk. Dawson is feeling super brave so she sends Mills a text. That’s some superhero bravery right there, man. Amid all of this we learn that Clarice is due in two weeks, so it’s almost baby time and Shay looks a little nervous.

The call is to a hotel room where a guy who looks a touch like Mozzie is tied to the bed and there’s one dead prostitute in the bathroom and another nearly dead one on the floor. Dawson saves her by jabbing a needles up through her chin. When they take her to the hospital Shay spots creepy lurker, Antonio, who hasn’t slept in a decade and the drugs appear to be doing a number on him. He berates the poor woman who was nearly dead before sort of giving Dawson a half-assed story about some very bad guys who are mad at him and taking it out on the prostitutes who keep getting killed with bad drugs. He looks like he’s been sampling the drugs too.

Casey’s house is being searched by your friendly neighborhood parole officer. His mom gets a little snippy about having her stuff searched and the parole officer rolls her eyes. Lady, after 15 years in the slammer I would think you would relish the chance to have your room searched in a place that didn’t have bars on the windows or metal toilets. The parole officer reminds mom that she has to be in the house from 9 PM to 9 AM and Mom slumps her shoulders and stomps around like the petulant teenager she’s pretending to be. After the officer leaves mom gets a phone call from her date. Apparently, she was very popular in the “write to a murderer” club and she’s got another suitor. Casey’s all, wait, you’re the player of the family?

Otis is sitting in the locker room and Severide stops by to say toodles. Otis tells him to save his speech because he’s super psyched to be transferring. Severide looks confused and say he doesn’t have a speech but that he made 100 bucks off of Otis leaving. Seems they had a bet about how long Otis would stay and with Otis bailing it’s time for Severide to collect. Otis yells something about reverse psychology but Severide is the kind of master that even when you know what he’s doing you’re powerless to stop it. It’s ok, Otis, I feel the same way about Shay’s hypnotic baby blues, I know they’re my weakness and I just can’t help falling for them every time.

Casey stops Dawson by the ambulance wearing his confused face and asks her about the text she sent him. Apparently she texted him, “so glad you’re detail oriented. Last night was great. Love to meet you mom” instead of Mills. Damn that dark ambulance! He’s confused because details have never been his strong point. She tries to cover but she ends up spilling the Mills beans.

Oh, so you’re Mills’ “detailing” project.

Herrmann is making a presentation to everyone about the bar. He wants a bunch of people to join him in his business venture. This is a terrible idea, this guy has more failed money making schemes than there are failed Hollywood marriages. Otis is the first to say he’s in and that he’s not switching houses. Way to double your fun with two stupid decisions (I like Otis and didn’t want him to go but the character would be better off at the other house where they don’t treat him like shit). Dawson also says she’s in. Shay spins in her chair like Doctor freaking Evil and is like, “Girl, has Mills destroyed your brain. You don’t go into business with Herrmann, not even to sell Girl Scout cookies.” Herrmann can’t believe he found two suckers to join him in the bar business but before he can get too excited we hear Severide and Whaley getting into it.

Whaley is still pissed at Severide about leaving his sister before the wedding. He asks Severide where the hell he was later when the original Renee got drunk and wrapped her car around a telephone pole. Severide won’t say anything so Shay does it for him. She tells Whaley to fuck off because Severide caught Whaley’s charming sister hooking up with another guy before the wedding, but was too nice to say anything about it. After Shay’s done dropping that bomb, the Chief tells her that Clarice’s water has broken. A gayby! We’re going to have a gayby! What could possibly go wrong?

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