“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.14): “Detail-oriented.”


Severide is back at the firehouse and there are hugs all around. The Chief introduces Severide to Eric Whaley but lo and behold they know each other. Turns out Renee number one was Eric’s sister and he’s apparently still pissed at Severide about their wedding that didn’t happen.

Before we can delve deeper into that little reunion Antonio, Dawson’s older brother, shows up to talk to the house about the tainted drugs out on the street and how they are knocking people off every day because they don’t respond to the usual treatment protocol. There’s another call out but Antonio makes a point to tell Dawson not to “go Gaby on it” and go looking for the source of the drugs. She does what every little sister does and says, “Yeah, yeah, whatever big brother.”

You look like shit, dude.

The call is to a bar that is on fire. While Casey is telling everyone what to do Cruz charges in and starts breaking windows and yelling about a person being in there somewhere. Severide finds the guy, they pull him out and it turns out to be the owner of the bar. He offers to sell the place and Herrmann can’t pass up a business opportunity. As they are packing up a team of mobsters show up. These are apparently the guys who show up after a fire to board up windows for a fee, the kind that kicks in each month and has a still non-payment penalty.

They look so friendly don’t they?

Severide tries to apologize to Whaley for “what went down” with his sister but Whaley’s not having any of it and stomps off to tell his frat brothers about it.

The Chief asks Severide if his neck is okay and Severide laughs and says he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t. The Chief isn’t stupid. He laughs and walks away and says, that’s right because you didn’t work for the first half of the season with a broken neck and drug problem. Bitch, please, come back when you want to tell me the truth.

This is my “you’re so full of shit” face.

The Chief calls Casey and Otis into his office to tell Otis that his transfer paperwork came through and to try to talk him out of transferring. Casey gives him some nonsense about they only give him a hard time because they love him and Otis is like “dude, save your breath, they let me drive the truck. Come back when you have something real to offer me.”

Shawson is doing what they do, inventory in the rig, when Antonio shows up. This guy is paler than a Cullen and twitchier than a Liar. He wants Dawson to cover for him and say they were at a movie the night before because he’s up to his eyes in lies. Dawson, says “what the fuck are you talking about I know there is more going on” and he’s like “there, there kitten, don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Just remember we saw Twilight, you had the Charleston Chew, and I borrowed Riley’s vampire girlfriend to suck my arm, you know for authenticity and giggles. How else could I possibly look this terrible?”

Seriously, you look terrible.

Herrmann wants to buy a bar to save it from being bought by “hipster douchebags” and his plan is as poorly constructed as the one Ted and Barney put together to buy McLaren’s. Well, worse because Barney’s rich. Shay gives an epic eye roll and everyone else is like “move away from the television, we’re watching sharks eat stuff.”

Whaley demands Severide tell him about the new Renee. Severide refuses because he’s moved on to the phase of disbelief that all idiots who dump Carmen/Renee feel and how dare douchey McFrat ask about Renee the sequel? Whaley goes off about how could Severide dump his sister two days before the wedding and what about everything that happened afterward?” He calls Severide a coward and Severide gets his face as close as he can to Whaley, which is like when Daisy tries to get her face near Albert’s in the basement of Downton Abbey but ends up closer to his belly button.

Oh just make out, will you?

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