“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.11): “It’s not too late to switch teams.”


Their moment is cut short by a call to a car accident. A driver plowed into a crowd and the crowd is getting angry and threatening the driver and those helping him. Dawson, smart cookie that she is, realizes the driver isn’t drunk but is having a stroke and tries to get him out of the pissed off crowd. One guy isn’t having any of it and confronts the crew for helping the driver. Severide goes all macho and threatens to remove the guy but Casey remembers all about dealing with toddlers from his I-can’t-wait-to-have-a-kid parenting classes and gets the big dude to help out. Suddenly, no one’s mad anymore and off they go to the hospital. Man, those Batman underoos sure pulled through this time.

Shay is being wheeled out of the hospital and bitching about it the whole way. When she gets to the doors Dawson and Severide are waiting for her with a new plan. Dawson is all dolled up and looks ready for a date. We have seen her done up for dates, parties, and now for Leslie Elizabeth Shay’s release from the hospital. But they’re just friends. Right.

“Hey girl, want to ditch the third wheel and unload that UHaul?”

Next thing we know Dawson is telling Mills that she made the meal just for Shay but then Shay cancelled. She tells him he’s the only friend she has that would appreciate the work she put into the meal. Who you make braised short ribs for? The girl you want to sleep with, not the girl who is crashing at your place! Sigh.

“Don’t think I got pretty and cooked for you, Peter Mills”

So Mills is enjoying date night dinner with Dawson instead. Come on! If Shay gets pissed about Severide snaking her post-coital yogurt I can only imagine her reaction when she finds out Mills ate her whole date night dinner. There’s no dessert because, Dawson obviously had other plans for Shay, plans not involving food but Peter Mills is handy and offers to make her something. As much as it pains me to say the Dawson-Mills relationship is growing on me. It’s not Shawson but they have a better dynamic, I think, than the Dawson-Casey clusterf@#k.

Casey is about to have dinner at his sister’s house but tells her that he is going to recommend parole for mommy murderer and the sister hands him the picture she was going to give him after dinner and closes the door in his face. Whoops.

Shay and Severide are hanging out. He bought her Deadliest Catch and mint chip ice cream and they tell each other how much they love each other and then they make out. Just kidding. Severide tells Shay that he’s going to meet with a surgeon about his neck and that Dawson helped him find a program that will help him with his drug problem if he needs it.

He tells Shay he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her and she tells him that’s how she feels about him too. She says she’s proud of him and that if she were straight she’d “throw the biggest hump into” him. But because these writers know that lesbians don’t sleep with dudes, no matter how pretty they are, she doesn’t. Bros to the end, these two.

Dawson and Mills are playing a game of “name that bone” and I feel a little icky about it but they get busy with the sexy times just as Casey starts calling Dawson’s phone. Take a note or two Casey and next time don’t kiss her on the cheek.

Milson, getting in the way of Shawson since 2013.

Apparently Shawson isn’t happening, at least not soon. So I am nominating some ladies for the Leslie Shay dating Olympics. I nominate Bonnie Somerville because I kind of love her and thought she was hilarious, awkward, and just so pretty on Cashmere Mafia. Come to think of it, maybe Tyra and Hot Molly from Emily Owens, M.D. can get a transfer to Chicago and Chicago Fire could turn into the place for gay ladies from cancelled shows. Cue the Sarah McLachlan song and voiceover: “Lesbians from cancelled shows are fictional people, too, and they need a home. Donate to help relocate these poor ladies to Chicago so they can pitch a little woo at Leslie Shay.” Who do you want to see romancing our Shay?

From the preview for the next episode, it looks like there will be some awkward moments in the Dawson-Mills-Casey triangle next week as well as a potentially career ending surgery for Severide.

Finally, it has been pointed out that perhaps we need an AfterEllen specific hashtag for those who like to play along with the episodes on Twitter. Nominate your favorite in the comments and we’ll pick one to use.

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