“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.11): “It’s not too late to switch teams.”


The team is called out to save a woman at the bottom of a sink hole in the sidewalk. It’s terrifying to watch her as they try to stop the hole from collapsing as the dirt covers more and more of her body. It’s a nice metaphor for Severide’s life which is also crushing him as it collapses around him. They save the woman and get out of the hole a moment before it all caves in. Severide, did you get it, it’s time to get help before it all falls in.

Dawson is walking the halls of the hospital chatting with the doctor like a Grey’s Anatomy regular. When she walks in the room, Shay is awake and chats with Dawson. Dawson sits down on the bed, strokes Shay’s face, and says “You really scared me, girl. Don’t do it again.”

Dawson can’t help the terrified expression leaking through the relief on her face as she talks to Shay.

Now if this were another show like As the Days of our General Hospital Turns, Shay would wake up from the head injury with amnesia, split personalities, or straight. But this is Chicago Fire so she wakes up full of sarcasm and spunk. Shay asks Dawson about the date with Casey and when Dawson tells her it was a disaster in which he planted a kiss on her cheek, Shay tells her that “it’s not too late to switch teams.” Every Shawson shipper in the land’s heart just stopped for a second. Did she just say that? Without skipping a beat Dawson responded with “You already moved in, let’s take it slow.” It was a little flirty and completely adorable.

This show gets friendships right. The writing reflects how people actually talk to their friends. Sometimes it’s flirty, inappropriate, hilarious banter. Sometimes it’s really heartfelt, but the writers have a great ear for the way that these friendships sound.

Of course, right in the middle of our Shawson proposition in walks Severide, killer of lesbian moments and third wheel extraordinaire. He brings Shay flowers and tries to get her to agree to come back to their apartment. Again, despite having a traumatic brain injury, she remembers that she’s moving in with Dawson and by the look she gives him she can remember why.

When they leave the room, Dawson asks him if he high. He blusters but doesn’t answer her question before swaggering away from her. You can’t hide anything from the lesbians dude, we always know!

Dawson and Casey are hanging out at their special spot, inside the locker room. She’s checking out the gash in her leg when he walks in and tells her she should take a few days off. She points out that he wouldn’t have, and right there is why these two don’t work for me as a couple. She has too much of a “I look up to you” kind of crush. It doesn’t feel sexy to say “you’re a really stand up guy that it makes me want to have your babies.” The spark is lame, if not absent. Anyway he gives some half assed reason for why he was a dork and kissed her on the cheek at the party but before he can explain all the reasons why he’s an idiot they get called out.

Dawson gives Mills crap for all the call-outs being his fault before they get in the truck. Mills takes Shay’s spot in the driver seat and I am starting to wonder if Dawson either really likes being driven around by other people or she doesn’t know how to drive in the same way she doesn’t know how to tell Shay that she loves her and wants to have her lady babies. When they arrive they can’t get in but they see a lady passed out on the floor so they break in and are about to help her when a German shepherd starts barking at them and then chases them into a bathroom. Mills injects some sort of sedative into a cereal bar and chucks it to the dog. He makes some awkward comment about the bathroom smelling nice and Dawson has to admit it’s her lotion and every feels all itchy like it’s a seventh grade dance or something. Thankfully the dog passed out so they can leave the bathroom of awkwardness.

Casey is at his sister’s house and we learn that he’s ready to ask for parole for their mom. We also learn that he was at home while his dad was abusing his mom while big sister was away at college. As a result, he has more empathy for their mom’s decision to kill their dad.

Back on the lighter side of town, Severide and Royce are doing some post coital snuggling on her couch. She’s just returned from a week in Madrid and tells him that she’s going to take the promotion she was offered to move the Espana.

They’ve only had a few dates but, like a couple of lesbians, they are totally in love and have picked out a kitten at the shelter and they’re going to name it Shane. But they don’t want the cat to grow up moving between houses so they cry a little and decide to hold off. Severide is really bummed out about Royce moving away and looks like he might cry. When he agrees he’ll come visit her she relaxes and they decide to celebrate. Sorry Fluffy, you’re not getting rescued after all.

Severide is so sad because all the hot ladies in his life are leaving him so he stares out the window in his dark, lonely apartment and I feel bad for him. The next day he interrupts Dawson and Mills recounting their adventure with the dog the day before and Severide asks to talk to Dawson. They walk outside and he tells Dawson “I need help.” and she tell him “you got it.” Obviously, no matter what kind of jerk he’s been Dawson is going to help her girlfriend’s best bro. It’s all in the code.

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