“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.10): “Bitch please.”

The call is to a building that was involved in a gang shooting before the gang members torched the place. Someone shoots through the door as Casey tries to get in. Cruz tries to talk to the shooter down and rushes into the building. He finds himself in the dark building with a gun pointed at him. He explains who his brother is, the shooter runs out and gets tackled by Herrmann. They search the building, pulling several people out. In the midst of this Cruz makes his way alone to the third floor where he finds Flaco hurt and trapped in a room. Instead of saving him, Cruz looks at him, walks out, and says the apartments are clear. Good-bye Flaco!

Back at the station, Cruz is guilt ridden in the bathroom and the Chief tells him that he did a good job and that its not his fault that they didn’t find the last guy. Cruz looks like he might vomit.

Otis is back with a background check on the fancy lady and her husband, who are in debt to their eyeballs and have been investigated for fraud. Casey tells Percy who doesn’t care and continues searching Casey’s office/palace of afternoon delight.

More Shawson. This is so great, almost like that time Quinn was late to stop Rachel’s wedding to her beard — oh, crap. They’re busy telling the Chief that they don’t know how it happened but they left a bag on the curb when they got called out to that college and that’s when the vials went missing. The Chief can tell they are lying and calls Shay back. He just looks at her for a minute and she channels Arizona Robbins and looks like she’s going to cry. But he doesn’t say anything, he just gives the worst “I’m so disappointed in you” face and tells her to go.

Severide and Renee are getting busy at her gigantic apartment. Afterward they are having martinis and we learn that she’s an international law lawyer and that he likes to fix boats in his spare time. He tells her that he’ll take her to the lake any time she likes but she’s ready to call his bluff. She asks who she was, the girl who ruined her name for him. He goes right to his default tough guy mode before admitting that his fiancée was named Renee. And now we know why he’s been talking to her like they are playing noon hoops instead making sweet, sweet love.

Casey’s channeling Dawson and knocking on the door of a victim’s house. He haven’t even kissed yet and you’re merging. You big lesbos! He tells Madame Diamond Necklace that during the fire his men all had thermal imaging video recorders that taped everything and that they are taking the tapes to the cops. She blusters about how he should leave but looks a bit rattled.

Ta-da! In the middle of checking lockers Percy gets a call that the lady found the necklace in a heat register. Oh, gee whiz, how did that happen?

Casey’s sister shows up at the firehouse to give Casey a gift. She tells him that her daughter wants to know why they don’t see her uncle. It has something to do with Casey’s mom, on whom he refuses to turn his back in spite of his sister asking him if he misses their dad. Hmm, what did Mommy Dearest do?

And now we’re at the party and Dawson’s not in the dress from the store but looks amazing anyway. She sneaks Casey off to the ridiculous library in the house. It has a spiral staircase in the middle of the room. We now have confirmation that “perusing a novel” is Shawson code for sexy times. They flirt and it looks like they are going to kiss and then Casey kisses her cheek and says he can’t and that if they are going to do this it’s worth doing right. Buddy, when a gorgeous woman wants to kiss you in an endearingly nerdy, extremely romantic, library you go for it instead of embarrassing the pretty lady. Shay would have kissed her.

Cruz is walking with his brother and starts to freak out. He calls Casey who doesn’t answer because he is walking through security. He sits down and waits in the prison visitor’s room until his mom comes and sits across from him. Seriously mom, what did you do?

Severide is foraging in the apartment refrigerator when Shay clomps down the stairs with a duffel bag on one arm. She starts by saying that she loves him and the big lug is confused. She tells him that she was just trying to help him get over the hump with his shoulder and that she found the pill packet in the trash. She knows that they had a deal that they wouldn’t get into each other’s business and that she can’t do that anymore because she knows what he’s doing to himself. She says she knows that he would stick his neck out for her the way she has for him. He’s like yeah sure as long as it doesn’t involve me taking responsibility for the drugs I scored from the ambulance. She’s on the verge of tears and her eyes get red as she tells him that she perjured herself for him. She has to leave. She’ll come back for the rest of her stuff, she says as she walks out the door.

The next time we see her it’s Shawson time, again and I am filled with that wonderful feeling — oh cut the crap. Grab someone’s hand to hold this part is going to hurt. They are patching someone up I the middle of an intersection. Dawson tells Shay that she can stay with her and that Antonio will help move the rest of Shay’s stuff out later. Because when you’re girlfriend moves in your brother is obligated to help her move, right?

This is where we wish the episode ended

Shay tries to get Dawson to tell her about the date with Casey but Dawson’s not sharing much. They agree that they are going to need several pitchers of margaritas to help with this. We don’t get much time to enjoy this U-Haul moment though because while they are standing in the back of the rig, putting their gear away when a truck comes barreling in and smashes the ambulance, throwing our heroines around in the back of the ambulance like a couple of rag dolls. Not our lesbian, you bitch!

That’s it. The previews show Severide trying to get to see Shay in the Emergency Room, Dawson talking to an unconscious Shay in the back of the rig, and Dawson bawling in the hospital as the Chief tells them all to pray for Shay. We’ll have to wait until January 2 to find out what happens. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’ll see you back here in 2013. For the love of god, please watch out for cars!

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