“Chicago Fire” (2.8) recap: Shay Always Looks Like That

Cruz and Leon are having a meeting with Voight and Detective McHottie. Cruz says Leon doesn’t want to go back into the gang. Voight snarls and gets in Leon’s face. Det. Lindsey sends him out of the room and unleashes her secret weapons: her face, hair, and a voice forged by angels to drive lesbians insane. She tells Leon that the little girl is dead and they are going to get the guy who did it, but they need his help. Please like he was going to say no to this face.

CF 2082

Mouch shows up at Greg Sullivan’s den of arrogance and receding hairlines. Sullivan won’t touch the case because he doesn’t want to piss of McLeod and he could give a shit about 51. Mouch closes the door and tells Sullivan he’s got plenty of dirt that he didn’t use during the election but won’t hesitate to use now to save his friends. Sullivan laughs and dares Mouch to go ahead. Mouch breathes the name of Sullivan’s mistress (seriously, this guy had a wife and a mistress? Aim higher ladies). We have a case.

Cruz finds Casey and spills everything that has been going on with Voight. He says Leon is going back into the gang and it seems like everything he did to get him out was for nothing. Ingrate! Casey says, “You know that Voight is a totally stand up guy so I’m sure it will all be OK.” Right.

Dawson runs up to Severide because she thinks she might murder Chout. She wants Severide to convince her to come back. He says you broke it, dude, you fix it. Dawson says she’s tried but Shay only wants to ride around with Captain Underpants. Dawson, I think if you and Devon did an undies off, you would win. I volunteer to judge.

Dawson and Chout get called out. They find a lady who accidentally stuck a fork in her neighbor’s chest. Oh lord. The fork is all the way into the guy’s heart so Dawson asks for a bundt pan. In a scene straight out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, she and the lady go back and forth “a bundt?” “a bun?” The lady finds the pan and Dawson MacGuyver’s a way to transport this Thanksgiving turkey to the hospital.

Chicago Fire - Season 2

When they get to the hospital, Chout yips at Dawson’s heels and tells her she’s so great and generally is the most annoying. He asks what happened with Shay and then makes the mistake of suggesting Shay couldn’t keep up with Dawson. “She’s pretty amazing,” Dawson says. Why are you not at her house with a boombox over your head, Gabriela Dawson? Then he asks her out. I mean really? Just no. She tells him she’s taken. “In your eyes…”

Chicago Fire - Season 2

Back at the firehouse, Mouch goes into see Boden who tells him an injunction is in the work against the closures. Severide is in the kitchen with Katie strumming on the old banjo. She tells him that she met Benny when she was ten and then didn’t see him for another 11 years. She likes her life just fine without worrying about Severides who can’t keep their promises. Severide tells her he’s not Benny but leaves anyway.

Leon walks into Cruz’s kitchen wearing his gang gear. Cruz looks heartbroken but tells Leon that he’s proud of him. Clarke opens his trunk and Hayes is in there. Just kidding, he reaches over his rifle and pulls out a coat before walking into Molly’s. At the other end of the bar Cruz is drinking and Zoya comes to sit next to him. They share their misery and then he asks her to marry him so she doesn’t have to leave. A toast to heteros protecting the sanctity of getting married for a green card!

Otis and Severide come home to a house torn apart. Otis races over to where his Battlestar Galactica helmet was while Severide rushes to look for Shay. Nice priorities, Brian! Shay is distraught in her room. “I gave Devon a key,” is all she says. Hey, Chicago Fire, I thought we had a deal about not making Shay cry. And with this your UHauling PSA complete.

CF 2083

Dawson is sitting at home, drinking wine, and checking her phone every three seconds. She looks insanely gorgeous in a T-shirt and ponytail. But she’s got a plan. She puts on a little black dress and heads for the door. Every lesbian thinks “FINALLY, SHE’S GOING TO GET SHAY!” Waiting on her front step, looking a little creepy, is Casey. He finally makes a move and kisses her and they make out in the entryway with the door open like a couple of the Liars, just hoping to get murdered. My wife cheered at this point. I thought, to be fair, I should mention it since I don’t ship these two, but she does.

So, lesson learned, don’t give out your keys to women who don’t wear pants.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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