“Chicago Fire” (2.8) recap: Shay Always Looks Like That

Boden finds McLeod waiting outside his office. She’s not so happy. She blows smoke about how they played fair before. Yeah, having a mole in the department is totally fair. Boden is calm and it drives her batty. She tells him that she can’t wait to show him what she’s capable of, in bed. Honestly you two, just get it over with and make out.

Outside, Pouch runs over to meet Clarke’s beard, Lisa. Otis, Mouch, and Herrmann say hello too and then Herrmann asks how things are going. Clarke say they are giving it a try. She was seeing a guy for a while after he got back from Iraq, you know around the time he and Mills were flirting over heavy machinery.

Casey asks Cruz what Voight is investigating. Cruz tells him to relax, it’s totally not about that time I let a guy die in a fire, it’s about a regular old shooting. They can’t finish their heart to heart because they’re called out to a car accident. Casey hops into a minivan with a mom and calls for Dawson to come help. She sends Chout to help the squad guys. When he arrives Severide starts barking at him but the driver starts pressing the gas and Severide has to haul him out. Severide yells for Chout to stop being useless and to get something to sedate the driver. Chout jabs the guy in the ass with the needle and Severide can’t believe that he lost Shay for this moron. Meanwhile, Dawson gets a boost into the minivan where she evaluates the patient and gives Casey a bonus straddle. They get the lady out just before the car goes up in flames. Casey, opportunistic guy that he is, covers Dawson’s body with his body. The guys knock down the flames and Casey does a forward roll out of the side of the car. I give him a 8.7 for the landing. He checks on Dawson who is a little shaky but amazingly unscathed.

Jonathan Lipnicki is driving the ambulance and telling Dawson all about how the human head weighs eight pounds, and how he likes to go spelunking and totally would have jumped in to save her except–thank god Dawson told the moron to shut it.

Clarke stops at his place with a box of cannoli and finds his wife chilling with Hayes, Tate Donovan’s more menacing, ginger, little brother. Hayes says Lisa owes him money. Clarke tells him to get out. Lisa tries to explain to Clarke but he’s all leave the wife, take the cannoli. Severide says, “Doesn’t look like it went well,” but Capp’s says, “Nah, he always looks like that.”

Boden is a man with a plan. He’s going all Erin Brockovich on this shit and enlisting Mouch to help him. They can sue to keep the firehouses open. Maybe pasty boy Sullivan will help. Mouch is skeptical.

Mills wants to know if Shay is serious about leaving. Severide tells him that she;s gone and the Herrmann yaps about women folk and their menses and how it makes them do crazy stuff. The 1800’s called, they’d like Herrman back. While the Jack Russell yaps, Voight stalks into the firehouse. Cruz and Casey share a meaningful “we’re covering up a murder” look. Voight’s reptilian brain has a plan and it involves putting Leon back in the gang that way they can find the shooter and Voight doesn’t have to go looking into the fire that killed Flaco. Cruz tries to say he knows nothing about Flaco’s convenient demise but he’s a worse liar than my four year old.

Dawson finds her way onto Casey’s bed. Well it’s just the one in the office but we can see where this is headed. She misses Shay. She worries she was too hard on her (you were), and that maybe if she had handled the suicide call differently Shay would still be around (she would) and then she could look into those crystal blue eyes and everything would be so much better. Girl, you have it bad for Shay, we get it. Casey wants to punch his ticket to the big dance in her pants so he says she did the right thing. She thanks him for saving her life and he gets mushy about how indispensable she has been and how he doesn’t know where he would be without her. Chout pops his head in and says, Tthey’re after me Lucky Charms” and Dawson nearly maims the dude.

Casey is working out some of his frustration on some ladder drills and the rest of Truck 81 effing hates him for it. The guys bitch because they’re hungry and Katie hasn’t shown up yet. What’s that, an unreliable Severide? Shocking! Otis says she better be a stripper chef popping out of a vat of pasta. On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese… Anyway, Katie’s not coming because feeding a bunch of doofs for free as a favor to her brand new big brother was not high on her priority list.

Mills and Isabella are at the political event. She wants to make a good impression because she’d like to run the state senator’s next campaign. Mills is more interested in canvassing Isabella’s pants. She leads him to the state senator, who just so happens to be African American. She says “Hi, I’m Isabella, let me introduce you to my black boyfriend.” Mills is a miffed enough about the whole thing to take a cab home.

Chicago Fire - Season 2
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