“Chicago Fire” (2.4) recap: Shay walks into a bar

Severide and Capp are staking out Hadley house. Hadley comes home and when he goes inside they break into his car. They leave Severide’s phone under the seat to track Hadley’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Mills and Clarke are on a date. Mills says, “You must know what they are saying about you in the house. Why don’t you defend yourself?” Clarke says, “No one asked, so I’m not telling.” Mills asks so Clarke explains that McLeod asked him to snitch and he declined. Then he invites Mills to Babylon for some dancing.

CF 2049

Shay and Otis are bonding and wasted. They laugh as he tries to explain Battlestar Galactica to her.  He says they should do a marathon of the show and she’s all for it.  She’s laughing and getting way too close to his face and he looks like he thinks this is some kind of porno where the guy gets to sleep with the lesbian. Nope.  As soon as her brain registers that he is not, in fact, a cute little butch lesbian she starts crying. Shay’s crying face is way too sad. Why don’t you guys kick a puppy next time, too. Stop making her so sad, would you? She tells him not to tell Kelly that she’s falling apart. Poor Otis looks like he got hit by a truck.

Welcome to the land of lesbians, we have boobs and lots of FEELINGS.

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Herrmann is having a little chat with Dawson’s big brother about the state of Molly’s and her atrocious dating life. He tells Antonio about Arthur and the doof Dawson was dating. Meanwhile Severide sees that Hadley is on the move to a building on the dangerous list and off they go to investigate. They see a condemned building with smoke coming out of it.  They call back to the house where Mills is busy defending his new boyfriend over coffee and donuts. They rush out to the fire.

The building is a death trap but is also known to house squatters so in they go to make sure no one is inside. They find one of Hadley’s devices which flashes and starts another fire and others start around the room.  They break through a door to get away from the fires and on their way out they see someone run by. Severide ends up face to face with Hadley who is standing on a huge bed of flammable material and holding a jug of the fuel he’s been using to ignite it. He threatens to blow Severide and everyone else up with him. Instead Severide rushes him, spills some of the fuel and Hadley catches fire. Severide struggles to put him out until Casey and the guys rush in and turn the hose on Hadley. They carry him out and hand him off to Shay and Dawson.

Back at the firehouse, Mills catches Spellman on the phone looking guilty as hell. Mills caught the snitch! One hundred fifty points to…wait. Sorry, Mills is surely a Muggle. By the way, we’re sorry Clarke, our bad.

Benny and Kelly are chatting over dinner about when the Hunger Games and how maybe it’s best to avoid being the prey. Severide seems a little more shaken about seeing his former buddy cooked medium well, but he’s happy to have his dear old dad around.  Boden is in his office having a hard time with it too as he looks around at the pictures of Hadley as a wee pup of a firefighter.  Casey is sitting with Griffin who misses his mom. Casey promises the year will go by fast and agrees to sit with Griffin until he falls asleep. Antonio is giving Dawson a run down of her stupidity in getting involved in something so serious. Then he Dawsons the protocol and tells her that Smarmy Jay is a cop but you know, keep it under your hat, OK?  She shows up to his apartment and bangs the door down to ask him about being a cop. Cop or not, that guy is still smarmy.

CF 20411

And here’s what we’ve all been waiting for, Shay at a lesbian bar. It doesn’t look like the Rosebud and she’s definitely not drinking pink drinks. She’s throwing back tequila and looking around like she needs someone to scratch a very particular itch. This might end badly but I have a feeling we’re all going to enjoy the ride.

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What did you guys think of the episode?

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