“Chicago Fire” (2.4) recap: Shay walks into a bar


Next we take a tour of the house. Boden tells Herrmann to write a report about all interactions between Hadley and anyone in the house for Gail McLeod. Extra homework! Miss Viola Swamp is the worst. Boden take his complaint to HQ and busts in to talk to the fire chief about getting McLeod off his ass. Oh will you two just have hate sex and get it over with?Next, Isabella shows up to flirt with Mills and tilt at windmills take some campaign pictures with Mouch.

CF 2046

Everyone grab your blankie, this part is going to hurt a bit. Shay and Dawson start talking about the new inventory reports. Shay walks away and Dawson follows telling her she wished Shay had let her handle Darryl because maybe she could have diffused the situation. Right Dawson, you’re the calm one, the one who doesn’t kick people out of the ambulance, the one who always follows protocol, the one who isn’t on the Christmas card list for everyone on the disciplinary board. She complains about Shay leading Darryl on because that’s how people get hurt. Um, excuse me, Dawson? Are we talking about you now? Shay notes that perhaps screaming at a man with a gun isn’t the best plan. The Dawson pulls the dick move of all dick moves. She tells Shay that since she’s the paramedic in charge Shay should have listened to her and then maybe Darryl would still be alive. Shay walks away. When Dawson calls her back and tries to apologize, Shay breaks up with her. She says if Dawson wants to make her the bad guy so she can feel better that’s fine. Come on you guys, I can think of at least one more way you two can make each other feel better. But Shay says they’ll work together and nothing else. The balcony is closed, Dawson. Nice work, you ass. Next time just tell Shay you love her and were scared she was going to get dead. Firehouse 51, home to the impulsive and emotionally stunted.

CF 2047

Mouch is meeting and greeting at his campaign event when Hadley walks in and starting bitching about how Mouch wasn’t much of a union rep when he got dismissed for being a racist jerk. He rants a little, taunts Mills, and then leaves. Severide watches Hadley get into his car from the front seat of his most recent muscle car.

Back at 51, Viola Swamp is waiting for Boden in his office. She wants to know how Shay and Dawson are doing. “They are working through it” he tells her which I take to mean he sent them to couples counseling. She lets him know that no matter what his problem is, his boss can’t fix it because she works for the state, not the CFD. Basically, Boden, you’re fucked. She wants to know what gets him up in the morning, which I think is a little personal. He does too, and tells her if she wants to know what gets him excited and what kind of thorough job he does, she should ask around. May I suggest she start by asking Mills’ mom?  Benny and Kelly are having lunch together and talking about Hadley’s visit to the union meeting but  Benny is more interested in the fact that Boden is talking to McLeod.

CF 2048

Back inside, Mills and Shay are talking wellness and Shay is hugging her binder full of women. They walk everyone through the program, Herrmann goes all G.I. Jane and puts on a display of his push-up prowess. The good times are interrupted by a call to a car accident. It’s a doozy. We’ve got a car hanging of the edge of a parking deck and another being crushed by falling debris. Super Severide goes in to rescue the driver of the car dangling in mid air while Casey and his guy play tow truck. They get the car out of the way just before the other one falls.

Back at the house, Otis runs up to Cruz to tell him just how awesome it is to be living with Severide and Shay. He starts waxing poetic about the whisky they drank the night before. Cruz walks off and Otis thinks he’s pissed about giving up the third room. Nope, Cruz just drops the bomb that Severide is dating Otis’s cousin. Otis says, no that’s impossible because Severide is his boy and you don’t bang your boy’s cousin. Otis, so young, so naive. Severide would shag an open wound.

Mills checks the truck and can’t find what he’s looking for. Clarke comes up and says,“Looking for this?” Yes, you’ve seen this gay porn before, I know you have. Mills looks at Clarke with new eyes, the soft light of the garage bay shining on his Halligan Bar. He screws up his courage and asks Clarke if he’d like to hold his cue. Fine.  He invites him to play pool with him after shift and flirt about taking all of Clarke’s “money.”  Oh boys, you are kind of cute when you’re nervous.

Dawson is hanging with the Darden boys at the park.  Ben asks if Casey is her boyfriend and she says, “No, he had a chance and he blew it so I friend-zoned him.” She gets a call and leave Griffin hanging upside down on the monkey bars while she yells at Smarmy Jay. Ben runs over to say that Griffin fell and is hurt. Off to the hospital they go. Griffin has a cracked rib but Casey isn’t mad because he wants an invite to Dawson’s pants party and, well, it was only a matter of time before that kid fell doing something stupid.

Benny stops by for a chat with McLeod who practically trips over herself to welcome the famous Severide. He wants to talk about what a good house 51 is. She is familiar with his kid because she has eyes and even Viola Swamp can’t resist his rugged good looks. Benny suggests that the house isn’t the problem but maybe Boden is. Yep, you’re right, Boden is the problem. It certainly wasn’t your kid who was stealing narcotics, fighting fires with one arm that didn’t work, or who was having sex in the equipment room while on duty. Yep, it’s all on Boden. Little League dads really are the worst.

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