“Chicago Fire” (2.13) recap: “Ladies Night”

Everyone gets called out and Dawson hops her butt in the back of the ambulance and Rafferty gives her the stink eye as she climbs into the cab. The call is to a house where no one appears to be moving. The place is filled with carbon monoxide. Dawson barks at Rafferty for not moving fast enough and about how to treat the victims. Rafferty tells her to back off. “She doesn’t even go here!” The parents don’t make it but Rafferty and Shay take the kids to the hospital while Dawson gets a ride with Casey.

At the grocery store, Clarke is doing what he can for a knife wound with a pack of ziplocks, a roll of tape, and some frat party vodka. Firehouse 51 is a mess of kids running around, Otis getting sex tips from Cruz, and the Chief and Hot Donna having crazy sexual tension. Mouch tries to entertain kids with terrible card tricks, followed by Cruz making a mess of his balloon animal routine. This feels like one of those middle school retreat/sleepovers where no one sleeps, everyone goes bananas, the grown-ups are totally overwhelmed, and you wake up feeling all grimy in the morning.

Dawson trots up to Rafferty and says she’s sorry. Rafferty tells her that the only thing people love more than Dawson is Pouch. She’s in an impossible position trying to fill Dawson’s spot in the rig (although, from the look on Shay’s face, she’s doing a much better job filling the spot in Shay’s pants). Dawson gets it and says she’ll back off. Dawson looks a little wistful at the memory of being adored instead of not good enough.

CF 2136

On the heels of the conversation someone calls Dawson over to help. The older lady has collapsed. Dawson sprints through the house to get the monitor and sends Rafferty to the lady. I can’t be the only one who expected she would catch Otis and Katie in the back of the rig can I? Rafferty takes the lead and Dawson does what she’s told. Rafferty must be a wizard or something because Dawson has never done what she was told. They get the lady back and Shay wanders into see her girlfriends working nicely? What? At the hospital Maggie is fine and her husband tries to thank Dawson who deflects credit to Rafferty. Oh look, your ex can get along with your girlfriend if they just try hard enough.

CF 2137

Dawson takes the opportunity to bug Shay about Molly’s and how Dawson’s plans are clearly the best. Shay nods and smiles and Dawson is sure she has the vote in the bag. You’d be closer if you spent a little more quality time with Shay, if you know what I mean.

Back at 51, Severide and Casey head out to fix the generator and Casey’s tool box is no longer closed (hmm, you think something went missing?). They discover that the filter is clogged and the crescent wrench is missing. Well, Casey says it’s missing but Severide is more convinced Casey might just be missing a piece of his memory.

Boden sees one of the prostitutes leaving the bathroom and get suspicious. Upon further investigation he finds Otis and Katie going at it in one of the showers. Awkward. Otis is mortified. He runs into Shay as he’s leaving the bathroom and talks to her about his brilliant plan to at karaoke to Molly’s. Unless Paige is bringing Emily over for a little P!nk singalong, let’s just shuts this idea down now. Katie walks out of the bathroom, Otis blushes, and Shay can do that math.

Back at Guts ‘N More Grocery, Clarke is telling the guy he’s out of danger when a whole boatload of dudes roll up with bats and guns. Clarke tells them to leave but he’s got a bat and that’s about it. Lucky for Clarke a cop car rolls up and saves his butt.

CF 2138

Back at 51, we are treated the sight of Detective Hairporn in a henley. God is a lesbian, folks and she loves us so hard. She talks about Vince having sent someone to kill Kelly and I am very concerned for him. So concerned, in fact, that I listened to her say this speech over and over and over. They walk through the house looking for the guy. Casey finds him walking with a crescent wrench shoved up his sleeve and tackles him from behind. Casey gets his head knocked against the wall and the guy winds up to crack his skull with the wrench but then Detective Lindsay saves the day. I hate guns but man she makes that shit look good.

CF 2139

The power comes back on and Detective Lindsay tells Kelly to come down to the station with her until they can arrest Vince. Otis goes to apologize to Boden but finds him in the tight embrace of Hot Donna. Whoopsie. Dawson and Casey are bickering about his memory loss but mostly him lying to her about his memory loss. The Molly’s braintrust is all convinced they have Shay onboard with each of their dumbass ideas. She says she has an idea of her own: “Lesbian night.” Pink drinks are on me ladies.

CF 21310

Casey’s washing his face when blood starts dripping out of his ear. It’s time to talk to Dawson, buddy. Katie is walking down the street when Vince and another dude pop a bag over her head and chuck her in a van. Yikes, Severide. Looks like they found a way to get back you after all.

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