“Chicago Fire” (2.13) recap: “Ladies Night”


Vince, the creepy murder plotting dude, is skulking around the rig and heads inside to find the drunk driver’s brother. Ladies this is why it might be a good plan to keep patient information private. Severide sees Katie and asks if she’s broken Otis’s heart yet. Not yet, but she’s working up to it. Casey plops his tool box down on his desk and asks Dawson what he’s still doing at 51. Seriously, he can’t remember. He asks her for an aspirin because he’s 97 and that’s what old people use for headaches. She panics and he’s like “simmer down, it’s just a headache. Well I think it is. Hmm, I forget. Squirrel!”

Cruz is rolling around in a pile of groceries when Clarke stops his little corner of crazy. Cruz tells Clarke to go to the corner grocery and bang on the door until the owner opens up so they can get some more food. Clarke agrees because Cruz has got the crazy eyes and Clarke’s not sure he can handle a Mills and Cruz triple swirl, swirl.

Hot Donna arrives to offer the Chief some blankets. He’s thrilled to see her and asks her to stay at 51 for the night. While they flirt, Vince walks into the common area and slams a guy’s head into the table. Severide jumps in and fights the guy. Vince grabs a knife but Severide disarms him and throws him out of the firehouse. Vince leaves but only after telling Severide that he’s a dead man. Inside everyone, including Katie, is shaken up by all the MMA action.

Clarke is on his solo beef and beans mission (not a euphemism). The proprietor lets Clarke in and tells him he can go get some bean in the back of the store while he wraps up the meat. Back at 51, Dawson is pouring soup from a thermos when Severide asks her about her training. She hasn’t gotten to the cutoff time of the smoke test yet and he warns her if she misses it she has to wait a whole cycle before testing again. She hops up and runs after Severide. “Have you noticed anything weird about Casey?” Severide looks at her. “Other than the fact that he called me ‘crescent wrench’ this morning? No, he’s totally fine.” The adorable older couple calls Dawson over. The wife is concerned that her husband doesn’t sound right. Dawson and Mills check him out and he sounds OK for a guy with emphysema.

CF 2134

What’s this? What’s this look on Shay’s face? Is that a smile? She’s walking down the hall texting and smiling like her new girlfriend has a tongue ring when Herrmann scampers up and starts bugging her. Not now, Herrmann! He yammers on about how much he loves her hair and her cash and how he really just wants Molly’s to stay the same, never going to make it, totally in the red, neighborhood bar it’s always been. She nods and smiles and he leaves with the impression that she’ll vote his way. Moron!

Exit Herrmann, enter the glorious, swaggering Detective Erin Lindsay. Hairporn asks to see Boden and Shay does better than I would have and actually nods (while staring at the fine Detective’s lips) and leads her to the office without fainting. The good Detective breaks it down for Severide, Casey, and Boden. Vince is a bad dude, who likes to kill people but not get sent away for it. He is ready to kill Severide. Severide says bring it on and she smiles and pats him on the head. OK tough guy, we’ll still have a car out front just in cases. Next they head out to talk to the guy Vince tried to beat up.

CF 2135

Severide walks her out and she warns him off of trying to take Vince on by himself. She says I know I just met you, and Vince is crazy, but here’s my number call me, maybe. You wouldn’t have to ask me twice.

At the grocery store a couple guys come in and start grabbing stuff. They stab the proprietor before Clarke comes out of the back and starts kicking ass. Clarke tries to call 911 but his phone isn’t working. Some ladies of the night saunter past the Chief and ask where the food is. He tells them that they are welcome to spend the night and to eat as long as this is not a business trip. In the kitchen Otis scurries up to Katie and they dork around until he asks what she wanted to talk about. She panics and says, “Tonight’s the night.” You guys, Otis is losing his virginity. I’m so proud.

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