“Chicago Fire” (2.1) recap: “He needs something”


One building is on fire and Shawson heads into the one next door to help a lady who is having trouble breathing. They find the lady faster than you can say “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” The guys head to the other building but then the wind kicks up and now both buildings are on fire and Shay and Dawson have to retreat into an apartment with the lady to protect themselves from the fire.

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They need to use a straight ladder from one building to the other to get the ladies out. I am terrified of both fire and heights so everything that happens in this scene gives me heart palpitations. Severide and Casey go across with a hose and then back come the ladies followed by the gents, very courteous. On the way back, the ladder slips and Casey tumbles and has to get pulled into the window by his bromantic partner, Severide. Dawson nearly passes out she’s so happy Casey is OK. Monica Raymund’s face is an absolute wonder of the world.

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The helpful arsonist tells the Chief they found two of his wire sculptures in the basement. Severide looks a bit shaken. Back at the house, Shay comes to apologize for all the math she dropped on Severide. He tells her that Renee is at her parents’ house and phones don’t work in Out of Town so he’s waiting to ask her about whether it’s his bun or not. When Cruz heads out to pick up after the dog, Otis finds video of all the fun Cruz had at the other bar. Otis and Herrmann are pissed, but Cruz tells them it’s the greatest place on earth. Good knowing you, Molly’s.

Clarke the arsonist is meeting with Gail McLeod. She wants him to report to her all the shit going down at 51. He balks because he doesn’t have time for that with all the fire starting he’s doing in his spare time but she blackmails him with his job and they agree to join evil forces. Mouch decides he will cyclops-up and run against Tracy Flick. Everyone celebrates the democratic beauty of a contested election before being called out to a single car accident. The lady in the passenger seat sure looks bad and the driver is getting put into a cruiser. That lady is Heather Darden. She asks Casey to look after her boys who are with a babysitter while she heads off to the pokey.

So that was a pretty slow episode, wasn’t it?

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