“Chicago Fire” (2.1) recap: “He needs something”


Severide’s sitting in his barcalounger at the station when Renee calls. He ignores the call and, in a case of instant karma, gets called out to see his Camaro up in flames. Dear people of the world, when Carmen calls, you answer it, mmkay?

ChiFi 2017

Two new guys show up as Severide is weeping over his totalled car. Casey and Severide tell the Chief that they smelled the same thing at the house fire and the car. New guy, and top candidate to be the arsonist, Clarke walks in holding a wire sculpture he made in fourth grade and tell them that he Hercule Poirot’d the mystery. The wire holds a styrofoam cup with something flammable. The Chief asks him how he knows and Clarke says he’s seen it before (like that morning when he poured himself a cup o’ flammable and brought it to work).

Everyone heads to the locker room to talk about more cutbacks. No overtime and now everyone gets to share a locker. Dawson grabs Shay instantly and screams “MINE!” Boden tells them that Severide has gotten the attention of an arsonist and  reminds them all that it’s been a year since they lost Darden. Basically, this is the least peppy pep talk ever. Mills is sweeping the floor and glaring at new guy Clarke who is not only sitting in what was supposed to be Mills’ seat on Squad but also smells like arson.

ChiFi 2018

It’s no ice cream shop, but Casey makes an unscheduled stop to wish Heather Darden well at her binge drinking fest. Casey tells the guys to say he saw a cat in a tree and that’s why they stopped. Casey, I think you better leave this cat in the tree to find her own way down. He buys a round, wishes the ladies well,  and tells Heather to be safe before heading off to another fire.

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