“Chicago Fire” (2.1) recap: “He needs something”

Back at the house, Boden tells Mills that one of the new guys will be taking a spot on Squad and they stare at each other and pretend everything is OK. Cruz asks Shay what happened and, as she’s explaining it, Severide ignores her and the fact that she has gravel in her forehead from getting run under by a car. He calls Renee and leaves a message. Maybe he did a google for “human gestation period” and realized that math is a thing and he should listen to Shay.

Casey pops over to check on Andy Darden’s widow. It’s the day before the anniversary of his death and she tells him she’s going out to get blasted in celebration of being widowed. He can’t come because he’s working. The kids pop in and the older one freaks at the sight of Casey’s firehouse T-shirt.

At Molly’s, Herrmann, Otis, and Dawson are watching as the giant bar down the street gets ready to destroy their hopes and dreams. They decide to send Cruz in as a spy to see what’s up. Meanwhile, Mills is getting his Million Dollar Baby on at the gym with Dawson’s brother. Antonio asks if Mills is thinking of becoming a cop and Mills says he was in a bad place after he got passed over for Squad and passed over for Casey by Gabriella Dawson. Classic story.  Really, who hasn’t done that at one point or another? Antonio says he’ll forget he saw the application but that Mills would make a good cop.

Back at Molly’s, Dawson is looking amazing and Casey is holding up his end of things for once. They talk about his fishing trip and how she’ll always be there for him. She doesn’t have any expectations and is happy to be his friend. Well those are the words coming from her mouth but then she does a thing with her eyes that is completely devastating. If Casey doesn’t make a move this season, he’s a damn fool.

ChiFi 2016

Mari is leaving, which sucks because she’s awesome and adorable. But she tells Mouch that he’s destined for great things because his eyes are so close together he’s basically a cyclops and therefore has special powers.

Back at the battle of the bars, the chain bar is totally kicking Molly’s ass. Inside Molly’s, there’s a young guy trying to order Long Island iced teas for a couple of girls. Dawson tells him not to be a twat and to order them single malt because ladies prefer a dude who knows how to order. He points out that the ladies are drinking something girly and Dawson relents. Before she can make the drinks the ladies leave and she pours herself and the new guy the scotch. Cruz comes back full of stories about how much the other bar sucks and will be yesterday’s news in a matter of days. 

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