“Chicago Fire” (2.1) recap: “He needs something”

The Chief has been called from the fire to headquarters to meet with the lady who means business. We know this because she’s standing up and wearing a suit and a scowl. She talks about a new program called “The Wizard” who will magically save everyone money. Boden gives her a nice speech about what it’s like to actually be in a burning building and she seems a bit chastened before she tells him she’s already closed one house and now 51 is on the chopping block too. So, Boden, that speech felt pretty good, didn’t it?I bet it felt good right up until you pissed off the lady who wants to fire you.

ChiFi 2013

Back at the firehouse, Dawson drops by to tell Casey it’s good to have him back and to see if maybe he’d like to stop by Molly’s for a drink with her. Yes is the correct answer, always. Mari is letting Mills taste her cooking (not like that, get out of the gutter). Boden walks in and breaks up the party by telling them all that their jobs are on the line because some people like to ride on the shiny fire trucks to get ice cream. Herrmann jumps in to say that all the cuts are probably “douchebag” Greg Sullivan’s idea. Sullivan is running for union president on a platform of douchebaggery and screwing over his fellow union members. Boden tells them to shape up so they don’t get closed and to be on the lookout for new people who are joining them from the closed houses.

ChiFi 2014

We’re back at the hospital for a little Shawson chat about Casey and just how friendly Dawson would like to be with him. In the middle of “Across the Gurney with Shawson,” a car rolls up and dumps a dude out onto the ground.  Shay and Dawson are off in a second. Shay heads back for the gurney and has to dive out of the way of the speeding car. How many times are they going to nearly kill the lesbian? She pops back up like one of the Liars and this isn’t her first run under and sends the gurney behind the car to stop it from driving away. They try to save the gunshot victim but they can’t, no thanks to the team of doctors and nurses who totally don’t show up to help. Where the hell is Kerry Weaver when you need her?

ChiFi 2015

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