“Chasing Life” recap (1.9): Future Tense

The next day, at work, April notices everyone being eerily nice. She is rightly suspicious, and realizes that the awkwardness is because they all found out she was sick. When she goes into Raquel’s office, she’s spouting off about how inconvenient this “vacation” April is taking is, and April asks her if she knows she’s sick. Raquel says yes but leaves it at that.

When Beth shows up to take April to lunch, she tells her best friend that her coworkers all know. Beth confesses that it was her, because she hadn’t known Raquel was one of her coworkers. April is not pleased, and feels like she’s been outed to her office against her will. Beth offers to do anything to make it up to her, but April says what’s done is done and storms off.

At school, Ford comes up to Greer and says hi, and Greer smiles and says that maybe there will be a day without war after all. Ford asks how Greer “turned” Brenna and Greer asks if she knows that’s now how gay works, but in a sweet careful way as if it’s entirely possible Ford thinks that’s how gay works. Greer isn’t fazed though, and says that she thinks they can be friends. Despite the fact that Ford has literally never been nice to her, despite the fact that she got drunk and threw up at her party while wearing her mother’s wedding dress, despite the fact that she was blatantly rude to her at Brenna’s house, Grenna tells Ford that she wants to be friends. For Brenna. Ford, selfishly, does not.


When April is leaving work for her month of leave, Raquel accuses her of stealing a stapler, and April thanks her for not treating her different just because she’s sick. Raquel dishes some of her classic bitchiness and April almost looks grateful for it this time. She leaves her office, with one final glance back at this new life she was supposed to be starting.

At the Pre-Chemo Party, Sara is using puff paint to make a t-shirt, Brenna and Greer and doing arts and crafts, and Ford is skulking. Kieran shows up because he still feels bad about that stupid cancer joke he made, and Brenna tells him that she didn’t invite him to the party because she didn’t think it was his thing, and also Greer is here. Kieran, trying out this whole maturity thing Brenna exudes, says that he’s okay with Greer being there if Brenna doesn’t mind them both being in the same places. So Brenna lets him in.

When April comes home, she sees that her family has everything covered: new clothes, paper flowers, a photo album, a packed back, and a water gun, for annoying nurses. All she has to worry about tonight is having fun. To kick it off, Greer grabs the water gun and chases Brenna around the house with it.

Ford and Kieran watch this adorableness unfold and she asks him if he’s okay with the fact that they are cuter together than any other two humans in this entire fictional universe could hope to be. Kieran said he thought he was, but now he’s having second thoughts.

April makes up with Beth, telling her that she’s learning to see the good through the bad. Beth is grateful for April’s forgiveness, and says she has one more present for her: A bald cap. April gets a peek at what she’ll look like if she goes bald, and it isn’t half bad at all. Beth locks her arms around her and says, “We’re going to get you through this.”

CL 109-10

Brenna goes upstairs to her room to change her wet shirt and walks in on Ford and Kieran making out on her bed. She is shocked but Ford snaps that she’s not allowed to be mad. She has a new best friend, and a new lover, so what does she care. Brenna tries to explain that she wasn’t replacing Ford with Greer, but Ford retorts that she doesn’t care that Brenna’s bi, but why did it have to be with Greer? A girl who represents sugar and spice and everything nice aka everything Ford stands against with every fiber of her being? Brenna mentions again that she’s not into labels, and Ford says she’s not into friend labels and storms off.

Kieran says he thought he was cool with this, but he doesn’t want to be just one of the people Brenna is seeing. He wants to be the only one. Greer walks in and Kieran tells her right there to choose. Brenna looks at him, appalled. She says that Greer never made her choose. Greer has been patient with her and has let her figure out things in her own time. She looks at Greer to see if she has anything to add, and Greer says what she was probably waiting for the right time to discuss with her, which is that she’s going to want a commitment if this is going to go on much further.

That makes Brenna’s decision for her, and she looks at Kieran and tells him that she’s sorry but bye. I wave and tell him not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out. He and Ford deserve each other.

Greer takes Brenna’s hand, and I think we can all agree that Brenna made the right decision.

CL 109-11Game. Set. Match.

April says goodnight to Grandma, who gives her special brownies, and then tries to call Dom for the hundredth time this episode. When she can’t get ahold of him again, she leaves him a message, telling him to read her article, and says she wish she could have told him herself, but this would have to do.

Meanwhile, Uncle George and Sara are cleaning up and reminiscing in the kitchen, and George kisses Sara before excusing himself and leaving her, looking confused and chugging wine.

She goes up to watch April sleep for a little while and crawls into bed with her for a little while. April is up long before her alarm, and as she heads to the hospital, the voiceover reads the last article April wrote. She says she sees thing differently now, because of this cancer. Cancer is a bitch, and it doesn’t care how rich you are or how loved you are. It’s like being thrown into a battle you didn’t ask to wage. But you put on your armor anyway, you fight anyway. And when you feel like you can’t fight anymore, when you feel like you couldn’t possibly muster any more strength, you see a strength in your loved ones you never knew was there, and you borrow it from them.

Dom reads the article along with the voiceover, and looks like he just got hit by the bus he’s been touring with.

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