“Chasing Life” recap (1.9): Future Tense


April’s bitchy boss Raquel is storming around the bathroom like a Pretty Little Liar looking for a snooper when Beth comes in, crying. Raquel asks if she was close with Leo, and Beth says she knew him but that’s not why she’s crying. She’s crying because her best friend is sick, too. Raquel, surprisingly, offers Beth a tissue and listens quietly while Beth has the breakdown she’s been fighting against for weeks now. Beth says she’s scared all the time. She used to be excited when April calls, but now every time she sees her friend’s name on the Caller ID, she assumes the worst. (Which is what I think any time anyone calls me. I have trained my parents to never call out of the blue. They know to text me and say “Call me when you can. No one died.”) Beth admits that she’s been keeping it together for her friend’s sake, but the thought of losing her best friend makes her feel like her heart is being slowly and painfully torn out of her chest by a giant magnet. She’s not sure she’d survive losing her best friend.

CL 109-5Beth tears hurt. They hurt real bad.

Raquel sees all this human emotion splashing all over the bathroom and does her best to avoid getting any of it on her. She then says the single most revealing thing about her character so far. She says, “Be your own best friend.” This, this breakdown Beth is having, this very feeling Beth is describing, is why Raquel is the way she is. She never lets anyone get close enough to hurt her. She leaves Beth to her breakdown, but later sees Beth hug April and suddenly, she knows.

April goes to the hospital to visit Leo and begs him to have the surgery, but Leo says that she doesn’t get to have a say over his body. And if that’s all she’s going to talk about, he doesn’t need that. April tells him that she’s about to spend a month actively fighting for her life, she can’t just watch him give up. She says goodbye, and they go their separate ways.

Before she can get out of the hospital, she runs into her doctor, who shows her what kind of room she’ll be living in for her month of chemo, gives her some advice on what to pack, and tells her that some people shave their head before they come to get a head start. April looks a little overwhelmed, but takes it all in.

Back at the Carver house, Bara knocks on Brenna’s door, but the music is too loud to hear it, so Sara lets herself in. And catches Breer and Grenna full-on making out, sprawled on the bed.

CL 109-6

She closes the door quickly and hears the music shut off. She knocks again and this time, when she enters, they’re sitting on the bed, a solid foot apart, looking supremely and adorably guilty.

CL 109-7At least she didn’t pull anyone out by their hair, Paula Carlin style.

Sara tells Greer that she should probably go downstairs and sleep on the couch, and tries to soften the request by talking about a blanket she can use, and Greer is probably feeling a mix of panic and embarrassment and relief that she didn’t just get kicked out of the house and that Sara isn’t yelling, so she rambles a bit, says goodnight, and RUNS downstairs. RUNS.

Sara sits next to Brenna and her eyes dart around the room maniacally, looking anywhere but at her mother, probably trying to melt like Alex Mack.

CL 109-8So much awkward. So realistic.

Brenna begs her mother not to make this a thing, but Sara says she just wants to talk about it. She asks if she’s always had feelings for girls, but Brenna says she doesn’t know, this is the first time she’s noticed it. Sara asks if this means she broke up with Kieran, and Brenna says no, she’s seeing them both. Sara nods and says, “Hearts are tender.” That’s it! That’s her takeaway from this. Don’t hurt anyone. Not Kieran, not Greer, not herself. That’s all she cares about. Sara for the win!

Brenna lets all the built-up pressure from that terrifying real-talk with mom out into a pillow.

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