“Chasing Life” recap (1.9): Future Tense

After the fertility treatment, April feels real gross, but she has to go to a debate for her last assignment before her month of chemo. Beth offers to go with her as a personal assistant, which April is grateful for mostly because she really does have to go, since she wants to resolve things with Leo once and for all at this work thing. When they get to the debate, they split up, despite Beth pointing out that this sort of defeats the purpose of her coming. But April is determined to act normal, so she sends Beth to the audience and goes into the press line.

At Casa de Carver, Greer is bonding with Sara. Brenna once again watches Greer work a grown-up like some kind of snake charmer. Sara tells Greer that Brenna isn’t bad at tennis, and Greer says she learned that the hard way, sending a little wink back to that first moment of TenniS Love. Sara is impressed with Greer’s presidencies, hobbies, and sense of humor and tells Brenna she’s a keeper. The doorbell rings and Brenna goes to get what she thinks is the food, leaving Greer and Sara alone for a moment. Greer had offered to pay, since her parents left her money when they went Out of Town, but Sara wouldn’t accept. Sara asks how often her parents are gone, and Greer tells her they’re only gone a few days this time, though they’re not around a lot. (Though she says it all with her classic dimpled smile.) Sara tells Greer she should spend the night, and Greer smiles a mischievous smile, because it’s suddenly very clear that Sara has no idea they’re dating.

CL 109-3Not as innocent as she looks, this one.

It wasn’t food at the door, just Ford. Apparently some teenagers still show up at each other’s houses without texting first. Brenna tells her Greer is over and Ford makes me like her for a fraction of a second when she says, “Are the dolphins okay?” with her voice dripping in sarcasm. Brenna tells Ford to get over herself and join them for dinner; she thinks they could like each other if they tried. The trick will be getting Ford to try.

Behind the scenes of the debate, Leo is talking about his father’s campaign when he starts having irregular speech patterns. Everyone looks at him like he’s being a brat, but April looks worried. Finally everyone starts to realize there’s actually something wrong and they call an ambulance. Beth hears the ambulance from the audience and freaks the freak out and runs backstage. She sees April is fine, but April’s afraid Leo isn’t. Leo’s speech is back to normal but his parents insist on taking him to the hospital. Leo’s father’s publicist won’t let him leave the debate, but Leo waves him off and says it’s fine.

At dinner, Greer and Uncle George are talking about Nicaragua, and Ford looks like she wants Greer to fall into one of the volcanos she’s talking about. Greer says her next trip is to Guatemala and says maybe Brenna could come with. Ford snaps at Greer and very rudely says that they don’t like to go places where the main attraction is poor people, which is a horrible thing to say in the first place, made worse by her grouping Brenna into it. But Brenna says it actually sounds interesting. And is hopefully realizing that Ford is the actual worst.

CL 109-4And Ford’s like, “Crap, I think she’s in love.”

Ford, totally over everyone fawning over Greer in a way no parent ever fawned over her, starts to clean up, saying that SHE knows where everything is already. Basically peeing all over everything to remind Greer who was here first. Brenna looks understandably uncomfortable.

At the debate, Leo’s dad is talking about the future of the children but has to stop mid-sentence; before he can focus on the children of Boston (Massachusetts? I don’t remember/care what he’s running for) he needs to focus on his own child. April and Beth look equal parts sad, scared, and moved.

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