“Chasing Life” recap (1.6): Brenna and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad friend

When April stops the Maserati at a red light, she sees a kid in the car next to them, and gets sad about potentially never having kids. Leo (thankfully) points out that she can still have kids, they just wouldn’t have her DNA. While April muses about this, Leo leans in and kisses her, but April tells him that she has a boyfriend. Before they can discuss this further, the police pull up behind them. Leo gets out of the car, against the orders of the officers, and falls to the ground, seizing, bringing us back to the blurry vision from the beginning of the episode.

April goes to visit Leo in the hospital, thanking him for his conveniently timed seizure. He smirks his playboy smirk and says she’ll love him eventually. The doctor comes in to tell him that it was indeed his growing tumor that caused the seizure, and he tells her what he already knows: He has about four months to live. April hadn’t realized Leo was terminal, and she looks at him and his devil-may-care attitude in a whole new light.

CL 106-6That’s deep, brah.

Greer finds Brenna at the party, and they were looking for each other. Greer asks about April again, and Brenna says she’s stressed about having to talk about, but appreciates Greer’s genuine concern for her and her sister. Greer says that she doesn’t believe life ends when you die, that when her grandmother passed, she said she was surrounded by warmth. She says that she doesn’t know if there’s a heaven, but she’s sure either way, April is going to be okay. Brenna looks at Greer with admiration in her eyes, saying it’s the only thing that has actually made her feel better since this whole ordeal started.

CL 106-7Point to Greer. Ball’s in your court, Kieran.

Greer starts to tell her something, and you know it’s going to be juicy because she says it might seem out of the blue, but before she can ask her on a date or whatever she was going to say, Kieran walks in. Greer sees him from across the room and asks, “Is that your boyfriend?” and instead of saying “Well, not my boyfriend, but yes that is Kieran” she just says she didn’t know he was coming and goes off with him. Greer looks rather disappointed at this turn of events.

CL 106-8Dammit, Kieran. Didn’t expect you to volley so fast.

April finds Leo on the roof of the hospital and he says he wants to make a better headline and steps off the edge, nearly giving her a heart attack. Turns out there’s a balcony right under the edge, so he’s totally fine, smiling goofily at April’s panic-stricken face. He says he’s not worried about the future, he can’t be. He lives his life one adventure at a time.

At Greer’s party, Kieran brings Brenna into Greer’s room. She’s a little uncomfortable, but he starts kissing her anyway. Greer walks in and is flat-out horrified that there is hetero grossness happening on her bed. She tells them both to get the hell out of her house, and to make things worse, Ford stumbles in wearing a wedding dress and swigging champagne from the bottle. Greer gives Kieran a death glare, and is probably wondering if Brenna is worth all the baggage (read: riff raff) that comes with her.

CL 106-9“I will Dianna Agron you with my tennis racket, kid.”

April comes home and tears through the kitchen looking for frozen waffles like Gail Peck looking for booze. She is distraught to discover her mother has stripped the house of any artificial foods, flavors, colors, and even fabric. Which surely doesn’t help April’s out-of-control feeling. She flips out and tells her mother she’s seeing a fertility doctor before starting chemo. Her mother tries to argue but April tells her it’s her biology, her decision.

What did you think of “Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can’t Eat”? In the preview for next week, Brenna says it’s possible to like two people at once; is that a good sign for our Tennis Love ship? (Yes, that’s what I’m calling it. Grenna and Breer sound like troll names.)

Next week, tweet along with me (@PunkyStarshine) using the #ChasingLesbians hashtag and I’ll start collecting some of the best ones to include in my recap!

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