Charlize Theron and Ridley Scott tight-lipped on mysterious “Alien” prequel “Prometheus”


Damon Lindelof and Charlize Theron

In presenting his new film, Prometheus, at
Comic-Con, Ridley Scott was torn between building excitement for the
presumed Alien prequel and keeping the project shrouded in

What he did decide to show, including footage of stars Charlize
, Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender bouncing around in
retro spacesuits, looked amazing, even if details about the film were sparse.

“Ridley has been sort of very cryptically obtuse about
everything, and he will probably kill us if we say too much about the movie,”
screenwriter Damon Lindelof said. “If you were looking for answers, you
came to the wrong place.”

Theron was equally circumspect. When asked if she could
share any details about her character, Meredith Vickers, she replied, “No, I
can’t, sorry. I’m just here to be pretty.”

One thing she would share, though was that she wasn’t sure
about playing Vickers — the “suit” behind the film’s expedition — at least not
as she was originally written. “Obviously I wanted to work with [Scott], but I
felt like the character was a little one-dimensional,” she admitted, explaining
that Scott quickly set Lindelof to work fleshing out the character. “I can’t
tell you what he came up with, but he came up with some good s–t,” she said.
“She kind of starts out one thing and ends up another thing, and it’s a pretty
nice surprise. I don’t want to ruin that for you.”

Another thing the panel didn’t want to ruin was the meaning
behind the title. “Part of the fun of the movie is understanding exactly why we
called it Prometheus,” Lindelof said. “And also it sounds really
pretentious, like Inception. Like, ‘Yeah! That makes the movie sound
really smart! It’s so much better than my original title, Explosion.’”

One thing Lindelof did want to clear up, though, is that Prometheus
is not really the Alien prequel people have been saying it is, even if
the project originally started that way. “Although there might be some familiar
things from the Alien universe, this movie has a heart and mind of its
own,” Lindelof said. Still, they’re not entirely unconnected: “If you’re a fan
of the original film, there will be little Easter eggs in there for you to
find,” Lindelof said.

Comic-Con panels are really more about whetting audience
appetites than doling out details, and Scott, who appeared via satellite from Iceland, stayed
true to that. “There is the DNA of the original Alien. That’s as
far as it goes,” the director said, teasing that a big question from the
first two Alien movies will finally
be answered. “In the last few minutes of the movie, you’ll understand what
I’m talking about.”

One thing that was revealed in the footage was a lot of
Theron’s skin, as one clip showed her exercising in next to nothing. “When I’m
naked, I really like to do push-ups,” she joked. Not that nudity has every really
bothered the South African native. “I don’t know how much of it is cultural or
where you were raised,” said Theron, who admitted that 12 years as a ballerina
may have helped her not worry about how much she’s wearing. “Look, it’s
not like I f–king love being naked. I’m totally insecure like every other
woman.” But she’s all for on-screen nudity — with a few conditions: “I’ve never been
in a position where I’ve been like, ‘This doesn’t feel right.’ I wouldn’t do it
if I felt that,” she said. “I like the shock value of it. I think that if you
use it correctly, it’s really effective. As long as I’m lit really, really,
really well.”

But that doesn’t mean the actress spent a long time at the
gym before shooting. “In the third act, I have to do a little bit of running
and stuff,” she said, hinting that her character might not spend as much time
behind a desk as she’d like us to believe. “And, I s–it you not, I am bruised
from head to toe. So maybe I should’ve gotten in shape for the film.”


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