Celesbians’ Top Albums of 2008

Kate Cooper of An Horse (Top Album)

The Gaslight Anthem, The ’59 Sound

It’s a really solid record that I have listened to a lot
this year. I have listened to it driving and I have driven way too fast. I have
listened to it at BBQs and I have drank way too much. I have listened to it
alone and danced in my underwear — too often.

Gina Young (Top 3 Albums)

Photo credit: Francesca Fay

1. Yo Majesty, Futuristically Speaking

Fantastic. They are so wild, so out there and so out. iI was
awesome to see such bold, butch lesbians in mainstream magazines like Spin and

2. Melissa Ferrick, Goodbye Youth

Great. I love the "I’m Gonna Break Your Heart"

3. Jill Sobule, Prozak and the Platypus

Stunning, shimmery and sweet.

Sarah Slaton (Favorite Album)

Missy Higgins, On A Clear Night

She’s a fantastic singer-songwriter and amazing live. There
are a few albums that I can listen to start to finish without skipping a song,
and this is one that can stay on repeat all day.

Liz Feldman (Favorite Album)

Uh Huh Her, Common Reaction

Camila Grey’s voice is as beautiful as her face. Plus, I
want to have Leisha Hailey’s finger babies.

Kim Stolz (Favorite Album)

Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III

As the hip hop genre soars above all others in innovative
technique and creativity, Lil Wayne is at the top of his — and this — game.
From autotune to lyrics to collabos and mixtapes, Lil Wayne has been showing
the rest of the camp how to move forward and succeed in the hip hop industry. His
music spans genres of rap, hip hop, rock and pop, and the fact that he’s
collaborated with virtually every big name on the scene exemplifies exactly
that. Everyone wants Weezy on their album/mixtape/single, and he has the
capacity to make any hot track into a hit single.

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