10 Times Kate McKinnon Won 2016


November has arrived, and with that we’ve hit the home stretch of another year we won’t hesitate to wave happily goodbye to on its way out. 2016 has been a rough one, with tragedy, loss, and the circus that is also known as the 2016 presidential race. Although we won’t necessarily be devastated to see this year go, 2016 has given us a singular gift that keeps on giving. That gift, my friends, is Kate McKinnon. Sure, she’s been around for the last couple years, but Kate McKinnon’s rise has been steady and steep this year, and we are so very thankful for it. This openly gay woman delivered pure comedic gold consistently, gifting us with laughs when we’d otherwise be crying.

In honor of her victory, here are ten times Kate won 2016:

      1. The Emmy Speech


Photo: YouTube

2016 marks the third year in a row Kate McKinnon received an Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nomination at the Emmy Awards, but this time around she finally snagged the win. She teared up while delivering her acceptance speech, thanking Ellen DeGeneres and Hillary Clinton, both of whom are the inspiration for the two impressions she’s most recognized for. I think I speak for all of us when I say this award was well earned. Bravo, Kate, I’m sure Hillz is proud. Speaking of…

      2. The Shimmy

Photo: SNL

Photo: SNL

When the first presidential debate aired, viewers knew they really only had one thing to look forward to: Kate McKinnon reprising her role as Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live. Raise your hand if you watched every single debate just do you could understand the jokes she and Alec Baldwin cracked during these cold openings. Hillary’s shoulder shimmy exploded on the internet after the debate, followed up by a double explosion when Kate reenacted this awkward, perfectly Hillary-esque dance in a way only she can. Let’s hear it for that red power suit too, ladies.

      3. Ya Brain Broke

Photo: SNL

Photo: SNL

The one and only vice presidential debate brought with it little of note this year, so SNL made up for that by checking in with Hillz to see how she was taking the news of Donald Trump’s biggest “October surprise”. Kate McKinnon laid down the law when she blasted every woman left in America who is still hitching a ride on the Trump train when she said “My babies, ya brain broke”.

      4. And That is How You Pivot

Photo: SNL

It’s likely that Hillary Clinton’s emails will haunt her forever. During the third and final debate, she’s interrogated again about the use of her private server, and, in flawless Hillz fashion, she insists there’s nothing left to say. Saturday Night Live gives us a new and improved version of this quick correspondence, accompanied by a tutorial on how to expertly pivot a topic in a debate. Take notes ladies, the woman is a goddess. Pivot skills: Hillz – 1, Trump – 0.

      5. She Loves Her Cats


Photo: People

Underneath all of her one liners and spot-on impressions, Kate McKinnon is about as humble as they come. Back in August during an interview with People she explain what little she had before earning a spot on Saturday Night Live, explaining that she was destitute and unemployed in Los Angeles. Also, when asked if she ever gets recognized she replied, “I’m unrecognizable because I’m coated in  cat hair and sweat.” Same, Kate, same.

      6. Do You Like to Play Softball?

Photo: YouTube

Last year we were graced with one of the best works of lesbian, no, best works of cinema, period, to ever be released on the silver screen. Although Carol was light on the wins during awards season, the gorgeously crafted indie film starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara did gain significant recognition. In addition to its several nominations, the film got the Kate McKinnon treatment during the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards when she inserted herself in the title role and asked her love interest if she likes to play softball.

      7. The Ellen Monologue


Photo: EllenTube

I’m Ellen. Those two words are more than partially responsible for Kate McKinnon’s comedic rise. Along with her Justin Bieber impression, her Ellen DeGeneres takeovers were some of the first sketches to put her on the comedic map. This year she showed up to take over Ellen’s regular monologue, arguing with her over how accurate her impression really is. As for the verdict, well, we don’t really care. We’re too busy over here swooning over our theroes on a stage together.

      8. Near-Death Experience

Photo: SNL

Photo: SNL

Last December when Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live,  the “Close Encounters” just about broke the internet. Although the follow up, “Near-Death Experience” isn’t quite as hilariously executed as the first time around (less shocking when you’ve seen it done already I guess?), it’s still by far one of the best skits of the year. During the first round, everyone on set other than McKinnon broke character and lost it during her speeches about her alien abduction experience. This time Kate’s the one who’s cracking herself up, and there’s nothing we love more than a woman who can make herself laugh, am I right?

      9. That Time She Licked a Gun

Photo: USA Today

Photo: USA Today

Holtzmann licked her guns just before kicking some serious ghost ass. No other explanation is necessary here.

      10. Sisters

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Last year’s female buddy comedy Sisters earned a lukewarm release, largely buried under the holidays and the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but viewers might have been surprised that the best part of this film was neither Amy Poehler nor Tina Fey. When the two sisters attempt to plan one last party before their parents sell their house, they approach the only two lesbians they know for some party throwing advice. What follows is a succinct series of suggestions by two women who obviously don’t know much about parties that don’t involve Tostitos and lawn chairs. Even though Sisters was a 2015 theatrical release, the real gems didn’t surface until the film came out on Blu-Ray, boasting deleted scenes that revealed this scene was actually comprised a much longer, hilariously improved string of suggestions including pizza bagels and a Gold Girls marathon.


Do we have permission to formally crown Kate McKinnon the Queen of 2016 now?



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